An automatic door in the garage has many advantages over a conventional one and you should go for it unless for some very specific reason you require a manual garage door, in short, the best option will always be an automatic one.

If you are thinking of installing an automatic door in the garage of your house and you are still not convinced at all, here I will leave you with a few of its great benefits.


The only ‘difficulty’ you could have with an automatic garage door is the installation. Although if you think about, it this is only done once and does not take much time. And it should be done by a professional. At Portes De Garage Garex, you will find the best services for garage door installation as well as maintenance and for many other types of doors as well.


The maintenance of an automatic garage door is almost the same as the maintenance of a manual one. The correct techniques of each varies based on the type of door, so do not hesitate to ask all the doubts you have when you are buying it in the market.

They must be maintained. For this, there are many recommendations with which you will be able to avoid that these doors deteriorate quickly. In addition to knowing that regular door inspections are mandatory, you must take it as a habit to have the maintenance of it personal. This habit will prevent future breakdowns, unnecessary expenses and of course lack of security.

Remote Control

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The remote control is one of the biggest advantages of having an automatic door in your garage. You can go back to your house and open it without leaving your car. This is a great thing not only for safety, but also when the weather is not favorable.


The automatic garage doors feature a variety of models and styles, so you will not have to worry about your home losing its aesthetic and design.


The security in the automatic garage door surpasses the one of any other type. It has a random code that prevents another person from having the same frequency on your remote control.

Useful Life

The life of an automatic garage door is very long. This is why the investment you will have to make at the beginning will be a good investment that will be returned in a short time.

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