The Queen of Archers is a warrior in eagle eye whose favorite weapon is the X-Bow. She can attack enemy villages or protect her village. Archers’ Queen is the most powerful of Archers.

Archer Queen is immortal, so you can create it once, so she can hurt and will be regenerated for use. If you attack an enemy town while she is in regeneration, she cannot attack.

The regeneration time is proportional to her lost hit points.

Throughout the levels, she will take longer to regenerate.

At level 5, the queen of archers has the ability ‘Royal Sail’. Once the queen launched in the battle, the player has to touch again the archer queen’s icon to trigger her capability. This capability relies on the reinforcement archers and allows the queen to be invisible for a limited time and the ability restores life points to the Queen and increases the amount of damage she inflicts.
The ability of the queen of archers evolves from one level each time the queen of archers earns 5 levels.

Aggressive Strategy

She has more reach to archers and the strategy is to attack with the Giants or with PEKKA as bait and an archer group and the Queen. This allows her to lose little or no life at all points and be reused in other fights.

Strategy for Defense

The two heroes i.e. Archer Queen and King of the Barbarians can fight together to be more powerful.
She pulls away and flies the troops.

Various Considerable Points

The Queen of the Archers is not affected by the spring trap.
Her appearance changes as she passes the higher levels. At level 10, her crown turns the iron color to golden color. At level 20, the body of her crossbow becomes golden.

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The Archers

The Archer is the first unblocked attacking unit remotely such as wizards.
Archers do not have a favorite target and attack the first target they see.

They have very few points but take far and above the walls. They are very vulnerable to defenses, especially in the mortar, the wizard towers and giant bombs that can destroy a group very quickly, even in one blow. It is, therefore, strongly recommended to make several small groups of Archers.

If you make an attack with only archers, there is very little chance of success and/or destroying a hugely.
Archers shoot mortars outside their safety zone, making them vulnerable.

They are useful for destroying worker cabins and other buildings outside the village.

Use of a large number of archers around a defense is very useful and works well.

Archers troops are widely used in clan castles as they aim to both ground and air units.

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