The cost saving is one of the major concerns in companies and the take many measures to ensure savings. In this regard, one of the smartest decision is to hire a professional facilities management service.

The facility manager is a stranger within companies, and yet his work can mean significant economic savings in a company’s bottom line. We speak of the facility manager, a profession with a difficult translation and it goes well beyond the work traditionally performed by the head of the general services of a company. A facility manager is the one that takes care that there is no lack of paper in the printer or that the air conditioner works in the proper way.

The facility manager is so much more. He is in charge of managing the real estate resources of a company, optimizing the spaces or, for example, coordinating the relocation in a new office.

Their work is key within a company since, as an activity, facility management is the second most important expense item within a company. It is an activity that includes from the search of the property or the offices that best fit a company until the optimization of the management of the same and all the services associated with them.

The facility manager is responsible, for example, for coordinating the construction, renovation or relocation projects of a company as well as for the contracting of all the products and services related to the correct functioning of the facilities and maintenance of the facilities, cleaning, reception, catering, security and from air conditioning to changing the light bulbs to ensure that there is no lack of papers in the printers of the company.

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Facility management accounts for 30% of a company’s expenses. A good facility manager can optimize this spending by 20% or 30% and all with a management as optimal as possible to reduce the costs and save money to the company. He is responsible for defining the pleasant and comfortable work spaces, which in the long term translates into greater productivity on the part of employees, among whom also must create brand image or the feeling. If the facility manager does his job well, he can save a lot of money on the company.

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