Daily oral cleanliness is very important to our health since it helps us prevents bacteria buildup in the mouth which damages enamel and cavities are formed as a result. Oral cleanliness also prevents the buildup of plaque and formation of tartar.

Brush slowly, with short, smooth and elliptical movements, paying attention to the gums, the posterior teeth which are not easily accessible and the areas around the crowns of the teeth and fillings. You can combine this technique with the inclination of the bristles of the brush at an angle of 45 degrees as it makes sure that the area below the gum is clean, contacting both the tooth surface and the gumline; you should continue movements from the top down and bottom up, at a level of the biting surface using a gentle rubbing motion back and forth. Do not forget to brush your tongue back and forth to move the bacteria that produce odor. 

Drink water to prevent dry mouth

If you have a dry mouth, it increases the production of saliva which causes the loss of its lubricating properties and it also causes bad breath in mouth. So keep your mouth hydrated and eat water enriched veggies to avid dryness in mouth.

When is it better to brush your teeth?

To brush immediately after you ate something, especially after eating something sour such as orange juice, can harm your tooth enamel. In an ideal situation, you are supposed to do it after every meal but allowing a time about 40 minutes.

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Chew gum

Sugarless gum helps to prevent tooth decay by removing bacteria from teeth and facilitate the production of saliva as well, which contains calcium and phosphate. This dental wash with chewing gum hardens teeth after the acid attack of the food.

How to know which dental cleaning products to buy?

Deep cleaning, cavity protection, advanced, refreshing, especially for children, for cleaning sensitive teeth, there are thousands of dental hygiene products, from paste and mouth washes to brushes, which make all kinds of promises, but how do you know if they work?

The professional dentists say that if you have a good manual toothbrush, a fluoride toothpaste and you brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, covering the entire surface of your teeth and gums, you are doing everything that it necessary.

1 – Renew Brush Regularly

Many people are used to renew the toothbrush until they see it completely worn out. However, studies have shown that after 3 months the brush loses effectiveness because the filaments are worn out. In addition, if they are not properly cleaned and dried after each use, they may encourage microbial pollution. So change your tooth brush every three months.

2 – Brushing after Meals

You must brush after meal even when you are away from home. Normally people do brushing before leaving home in the morning and before going to bed and afternoon is skipped. To fix this, you should always have a toothbrush in your workplace or carry it with you in a bag or pocket comfortably. Also, you can take an interproximal brush or some dental floss to be safer in situations where you do not have on hand a bathroom for brushing facility; at least you can remove the debris caught between the teeth.

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3 – Perform Interproximal Hygiene

Many people decided to do it at the end of the day, but they get tired by the time and often leave it for the next day, without thinking that is a focus of oral health problems. To prevent this from happening, make interdental hygiene the night before brushing.

4 – Clean the Tongue

It is not the teeth but tongue can also accumulate food debris and bacteria in the roughness of the tongue that may promote the development of other problems such as halitosis. To prevent the occurrence of bad breath, use the tongue cleaner every night before bed.

5 – Monitor Your Diet

Diet not only influences overall health, but has a direct relationship with mouth. Thus, diets rich in sugars and acids promote tooth decay and tooth sensitivity while fruits and vegetables provide vitamins that can be beneficial for oral cavity. Therefore, try to reduce the intake of acidic and high sugar foods and beverages and increase the use of fruits and vegetables. When you are taking acidic foods, always wait about 30 minutes to brush.

6 – Do not bite your nails or hold hard or metal objects in mouth.

This habit, which is often done unintentionally, can damage the enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity. It can also cause injury to ligaments level of teeth, so stop biting pens, pencils, paper clips, etc.

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