After trying the basic varieties of vacuum cleaners i.e. canisters and uprights, you may like to try a type that is more likely to get you to those hard to reach places. You are supposed to give yourself a new experience and see what a backpack vacuum cleaner would be like to use at home.

These vacuum cleaners are lightweight with the backpack portion averaging somewhere between nine and eleven pounds depending on the model you choose to buy. The big advantage to these models of vacuum cleaners is not the lightweight pack you carry on your back, but it is the fact that this backpack vacuum cleaner make you able to clean in a way you have never experienced before. You will now be able to get to all those high places which you could not reach with your old and traditional vacuum cleaner. This type is perfectly suitable for the high shelves, blinds and ceiling corners. As a result, you will not have to see any more the unsightly cobwebs in the ceiling corners or anywhere else as well.

With your new backpack vacuum cleaner, you will for sure find the stairs finally an easy cleaning job to do on your own for the reason that there will be no more need to lift your upright vacuum cleaner up one stair at a time with only so-so results on getting the strays clean. There will be no more fighting with your canister vacuum cleaner as you drag it up the stairs stretching the hose hoping to get the whole staircase before it can no longer reach. With this type of vacuum cleaner, you simply walk up the steps using the hose and whatever attachment works best for you to clean your stairs. The belt that holds your backpack vacuum cleaner on usually has an area where you can put a variety of tools which makes it even more convenient for your use. There is no doubt that these are the best handheld vacuums for stairs.

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When you decide to buy your first backpack vacuum cleaner, there are more things to compare than just price and the weight of what you will carry on your back. You will want to know how powerful the machine is, what is the filtration like, how good is the airflow and what kind of tools come with it. This is a relatively expensive machine, so you have to be sure that it is the one you want before you purchase it.

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