If you own a business in any capacity, you need a business card. There can be no two ways about that. If you are starting a venture, you don’t want to lag behind your competition by not even having one such card.

They help you promote your work; whenever you have a work related to meeting, make sure to hand it out. It shows your intent to be competitive and proactive for your professional growth. If you can incorporate new ideas into it, this is a sign that you can stay ahead of your rivals in the market Sales

There are many design services online that can help you stay in line with the latest trends and show you the creativity. However, a few basic elements have to be a part of every business card which are mentioned below.

Business Name

This is the most important thing and it should be the most prominent one as well. The core reason you have a business card in the first place is to promote your business and dictate that you put your company or corporation name where it is easily seen by anyone glancing at it. Your business card design service will do this as per your wishes.


In this age of non-stop textual information, people remember images more than written words and the same is true for business card designs and logos.

A logo is important in itself and has to be catchy and memorable while also being representative of your business. It is important to have a logo that translates well on a business card as it establishes the image of your company.

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If the same design service provider which designed your logo can design you a nice business card at an affordable rate, it is preferable.

Your Name

After your business’ name, your name is the most important text on the card. The recipient of your card may not remember your name after a few days but upon seeing the card it will come back to the person’s memory. It will also increase your personal contacts within the business community. It’s always better to have a name of the representative of company.

Phone Number

Your contact information is important so that your clients can contact you in whichever way they prefer. The most common is by using phone, landline or mobile. This information is critical for your growth and needs to be added in a way that it is easily findable on your card but not in the face of someone looking at it.


Your company’s office address should be on the card in case someone wants to visit. Sometimes the mailing address is a different one so you may want to include that and also mention it. However, there is only one address usually and it should be readable at the very least.


Business cards nowadays have to be in coherence with changing trends as now they also include social media platforms along with email address.

If you have space or you are using both sides, you can also include your company’s tagline and the services you provide. Additionally, if you have money to spend, try the latest services where you can electronically communicate with smart devices using your business card.

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