Lotus seed is a kind of seed that is found in the lotus. They are found mostly in the south-east and south Asia. Sometimes people call them lotus nut. They are famous around East Asia. People like them a lot. They contain a good amount of vitamin and minerals. For various attributes, they are used in many cuisines around the east and South East Asia. Different kind of famous dishes includes lotus seeds. Many people like them for their excellent taste and nutrition. They also possess elements which are useful for medicines.   

Benefits of Lotus Seeds

Lotus seed has a good amount of calcium. These lotus seeds can be used for many things. Many people earn their livelihood with these lotus seed. In the west more people are starting to consume lotus seed


They contain vitamin which is helpful for your health. They contain vitamin b-6. They are suitable for the brain, and they help to reduce depression. Lotus seed soup in the morning is a healthy breakfast. They have a good amount of calcium, which is always good for the bone. They make your bone strong and prevent disease related to the bone. They also have magnesium and iron. Along with that, they have a considerable amount of carbohydrate, which is a good source of energy. So not only these lotus seeds are tasty, but also these seeds are really healthy. 

Use of lotus seed in different cuisine

These lotus seeds are extensively used in pastry business throughout China and Japan. People also sometimes dry them up and then eat them. They increase the flavor of the soup.  They are used to make a special kind of sauce, which is really popular among peoples. Because of their nutritious ability, they can be used in any kind dish.

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As a medicine 

From ancient time, lotus seeds are used in medicine, especially in China. In today’s world, they are considered as good herbal medicine. They have good amounts of substances that are highly effecting against many diseases. They are used in medicine for heart disease and blood pressure. They are commonly used for diarrhea. People also use them for their anti-aging effect. You can look younger for a longer period of time if you take them regularly. They are suitable for the kidney. Lotus seed are good for people who faces gum problem.  They also help the digesting process and prevent insomnia.


Many doctors suggest them for diet. As they reduce the blood pressure, they are suitable for diabetic patient. People often take them as a part of the diet.  They help to reduce weight. 

You can eat them as a dish, and you can eat them as a medicine. Daily consumption of lotus seed is good for health. These lotus seeds not only healthy but also good for your health. Regular consumption of lotus seed might save you half of the yearly treatment. Lotus seed have verity uses. So you can try some lotus seeds as they will only benefit your health.

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