In this game of clash and clans you have to play the role of heads of a tribe of barbarian. You will have a goal in this game in which you simply have to create a town which is rich in the resource. That place is also protected for and while creating a new town so you cannot be attacked by the tribes which are your enemy. You can also attack those tribes because they will create problems for you when you will create a new town and you can use the source of your people and also get the rewards.

You must also create a warehouse to make your village prosperous, you will generate the resource and you need a place to store your material which will be used. In the game of building a city, you will have to create a land first. This game is basically a strategic game which is full of action.

According to the App license agreement of this game, the players of this game must be at least 13 years old and not less than that. With some of the explosions there are some frequent battles and the soldiers also defeated in the game in some situations. There is no graphical violence is involved in this game. The core component of this game is having the multiplayer mode in which the players will also attack the villages of other players and they will defend their own villagers.

The players directly do not communicate with other players when they enter to other’s village so there is an intra-clan chat functionality which is global when they enter to other village. The army will pay the money for building this village. The app is also available of this game so to upgrade the game you can pay in cash in game currency and get the upgrading quickly.

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By playing this game you will walk through the early levels and the main challenging game will start after words. This game has some violence in it and you have to build up a village and in this case some of the enemies who will create problem for you in making the village. There is no sign of blood in this game but when the players are dead they will scream so badly and after that they will become a ghost. After that on the ground the tombstones are shown. In the beginning this game will be easy for the player but when you will for some time so you will face the harder phase of the game.

You can easily connect to this game through Google+, Facebook, and Game Centre. This game is for multi-players and they can also play in groups. A function for the global chat is also presented for the players. The app will automatically collect the data from your device and it will create a unique ID which you can only use and will continue from the same level all the time from the same place where you have left the game.

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