Knowing that the rain can easily wash away the effect of the wax in a couple of days’ time, it is important to be aware of what needs to be done as a preventive measure. Do you need to wax your car before you get out in the rain? What should you do to get rid of the acid content which pours down along with the rain? Leaving your car in the hands of nature can prove costly if you are living in an area where rain is very common and happens frequently.

Consider the fact that waxing frequently could be taxing both in terms of money and time. Waxes require time to settle down. There are synthetics which were mixed with the waxes at the time of the application to provide it that extra longevity. However, any of these forms of waxes require some time to bond with the paint to provide the desired long lasting effect.

Precautions while Waxing for Maximum Effect

Drying the surface of the car is of prime importance. Use of chamois leather for the drying can be very helpful. One can also use the leaf blower so as to ensure that the perfect drying effect is possible.

Applying wax into sections or panels of the car will result in the perfect application.

Letting the wax settle down of cure before exposing the car to rain can have a better long lasting effect.

In spite of using traditional waxes it is better to use synthetic waxes. These are made keeping weather into consideration.

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Synthetic waxes are obtained and manufactured in a way to stand the effects of weather of particular areas or locations.

If you live in an area or location which witnesses the fury of nature frequently, it is better to use waxing every week. Protect your car panels separately every week to have the best protection from rough weather. Panel waxing allows maximum attention to each panel and hence allows you to make the necessary corrections to the panels as and when required. When one takes to waxing the whole car every time you tend to miss on the different panels which are mostly on the back, roof areas.

Water is the greatest enemy of waxing. Ensure that the car is completely free from any sort of dampening while you go for the waxing.

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