Getting pregnant for and becoming a mom for woman is a great desire, and the women willing to get pregnant anxiously wait for the days when they miss the period and rush to conduct a pregnancy test at home. For your ease, I bring you the review of a product related to maternity, and this is the case of ClearBlue digital pregnancy test. I made this post, so that you really know the product whether it is a bad product or a good one for you.

ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test

In their television ads, they tell us that it is a digital test that will tell us clearly if we are pregnant without having to interpret anything and tells us how many weeks we are before having an ultrasound. Moreover we are told that it is so sensitive that it can be used 4 days before.

Well now let’s get to reality. Effectively this test that is around €15 in pharmacy is very clear to give us the result, because on a digital screen it tells us whether or not we are pregnant, without having to interpret results of lines more or less pronounced, although this does not involve much difficulty as they want to make us see.

The ClearBlue test has a sensitivity of 25mIU of the hormone hCG of the pregnancy in the urine, and this roughly means that it has an average sensitivity, in that same strip would be 90% of the tests that are marketed. On using it 4 days before, on its website, reading in the small print, you can verify that if we do the test 4 days before, the effectiveness of the test is 55%, which means that there is a 45% chances that we have a wrong result, of course, we can always do it again 4 days later for a more accurate result, after paying for another test.

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It is a test very easy to use.
It’s pretty clean.
The result is very clear with no room for misunderstanding.


It is more expensive than other tests with the same sensitivity.
It may not meet the expectations that are advertised to us.

I may not advise you to purchase or the opposite, with this post what I intend is that before you buy you have a clear idea of what you are really going to find and with that information you can decide if you want to use this digital pregnancy test or not.

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