IF 4000 Analog Interferential Device

No one likes muscle pain, and if we can find a way to rid ourselves of painful complaints like this one we will take up the opportunity. The IF 4000 Analog Interferential Device is one such way, and provides fast and efficient relief from muscle and area pain that leaves most other devices in the shade.

It works by sending small electrical pulses through to the areas that are suffering from muscle and joint pain. The tingling sensation that results helps to prevent the nerve endings from sending signals to your brain that tell the body it is in pain. In effect, it stops you from feeling pain.

This unit comes with a hard plastic case for carrying it, which already makes it stand head and shoulders above other units that don’t offer this degree of protection for the product. In addition there is an excellent instruction manual that covers everything you could possibly need to know about the product and its usage.

You get two channels to choose from and the power comes through an output that can go to 16 volts. Overall, an efficient and hard-working machine that deals with pain in a quick and effective manner.

IF 4K Digital TENS Interferential Unit with Lead Wires, Electrodes, Battery and Carrying Case

One product that is really having an impact for sufferers of muscular pain is the IF4K Digital TENs Inferential unit. This product has already caused quite a stir in the world of pain relief, with sufferers reporting that the machine works hard and effectively to reduce the levels of pain that they feel when they have an ‘episode’ of muscular pan.

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Users of this particular unit have the benefit of multiple treatment modes that really offer a more versatile way of treating pain. This gives a level of choice that other units are not able to present users with. For safety, there is a unique compliance meter that monitors how many times the user has turned on the unit. This offers particular benefits for careers who have to monitor the usage of such a unit. It also benefits the patient, who can accurately see whether or not the unit is being effective.

One of the key benefits of this for long-term pain sufferers is the fact that the unit looks just like a cellphone, and this means that the user has more privacy, and the presence of a TENs machine in a social group is not a matter for discussion.

1 – Digital TENS/EMS with 6 Tens Modes and 3 EMS Modes

EMS is the acronym of Electro Muscle stimulation. Stimulating of muscular motor nerves is done by applying a low voltage wave form through conductive pads which is placed at strategic points on the body. Most EMS machines are portable but the best kind of EMS is the kind that handles pain as well as muscle toning. This would be a machine that has EMS and a non-invasive method of controlling pain like the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) which delivers tiny electrical impulses through the skin to the nerves and tissues. Like a Digital TENS/EMS machine with 6 Tens modes and 3 EMS modes that is not only portable but also has nine preset programs and a clear LCD screen. Such a machine would have an adjustable timer, a stimulator and run on rechargeable batteries.

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2 – IF/EMS/TENS – Digital Combo

If you are looking for symptomatic pain relief and exceptional pain management at all times, BLD IF4250D is the answer. The device is excellent in cases where immediate assistance is required so as to deal with post traumatic pain or post-surgery pains. The inherent beat frequency range of 1-250 Hz ensures the best pain relief that one expects for getting immediate relief. The effectiveness of Interferential therapy is guaranteed from the fact that precise and repeatable sessions are provided each time. With a unique low powered microprocessor based control system that takes care of all the vital parameters that play a decisive role in the effectiveness of treatment via Interferential therapy, you can rest assured that performance comes packed with features such as safety, reliability and durability.

3 – IF/EMS/TENS – Russian Stim – Digital Combo

When it comes to physical therapy, BLD Stim³ is a device that has imparted successful and satisfactory results all over the globe. With all the 3 forms of therapies, namely, Interferential, TENS & EMS packed in one unit this is sure a power packed device that helps in removing painful conditions within no time. A total of 4 channels have been provided in BLD Stim³ which implies that 4 treatments can be administered from one unit. Results have been proven time and again via feedbacks procured from numerous patients who have used the device successfully.

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