The LED flashlights are very popular accessories for all types of the users. From policemen, military men, hunters, night runners, people who like to camp, etc. But if you really need it, there are some things you can consider before you buy an LED flashlight.

What do I need it for?

In the first place, you have to determine the use of LED flashlight. Hunting, survival, night sports or visibility over long distances require a powerful flashlight with a lot of brightness. In case you are basically camping or doing the recreational activities such as mountaineering or fishing, you will want something from 200 lumens.

A sturdy design of the LED flashlight is important, so that you can take good hits. In day to day use or to do it more sporadically and use it for shorter distances, you do not need as many features, and with something that can reach from 100 to 200 you can do well.

How much light do I need?

LED flashlights are interesting and fun gadgets to use. The brighter the better for the reason that it is your sole purpose, but you are supposed to buy only what you need. Here we will see a basic guide to know what you should look for when it comes to buying an LED flashlight.

10 to 20 Lumens

For very close tasks such as looking under the table or in the closet, this one works well.

From 20 to 150 Lumens

It is to look around the house or walk the dog on a dark night.

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From 160 to 200 Lumens

It is good for more general tasks such as camping, security and surveillance, walking outside at night and the like.

200 to 500 Lumens

It is an idea range of lumens for the tactical survival, hunting, climbing and similar activities.

600 to 1000 Lumens

You really do not need so much unless your life depends on making life at night for the reason that they are really expensive.

More than 1000 Lumens

With this one, you could light up your whole house, so it is mostly used for search and rescue activities.

Power Source

We will differentiate four types as battery, rechargeable, solar and dynamo.

Battery Operated

They are the most common, work with different types of batteries and are recommended for moderate use.


They are normally battery-operated flashlights and are recommended for intensive or customary applications, since they do not carry batteries. A clear example would be for a security guard who uses it daily or a hiker.


They are characterized by using sunlight as a source of energy, being very useful in situations where you do not have availability of electric light for long periods of time.


It is like the solar, so it does not depend on electricity or batteries to function. In this case, it works with a battery that is recharged with the movement of a crank by hand, in many cases, it is mixed and has a solar panel and a dynamo.

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