Basketball is a no doubt a craze among the youth and the basketball players have really made it an exciting sport. There are many basketball teams in NBA and Dallas Mavericks is one of the noticeable ones. Dallas Mavericks does not have a long-lived history as other legendary NBA basketball teams. The Texas team was founded in 1980, which only has three decades of existence. However, it is becoming in recent years one of the teams to consider the best basketball league in the world. Dallas Mavericks is a franchise owned by entrepreneur Mark Cuban, an American billionaire.

The team is based in Dallas and belongs to the West Conference and the Southwest Division. Its court is called the American Airlines Center located in the neighborhood of Victoria Park. Their clothing is usually based on the white and blue color, although the silver and green are also used often by Dallas Mavericks.

Despite having few years of history, Dallas Mavericks has become the fourth most important and valuable franchise in the United States behind historic teams like LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks.

The team’s name, Mavericks, is inspired by the name given to a famous comic series of fifties and sixties. This occurred following the American actor, James Gardner, who was the main character in the comic series, also part of the group who owned the franchise. You can go here to learn more the best indoor and outdoor basketballs.

Brief History of Development

Don Carter was the one who led an NBA franchise to Dallas. He did it with his partner, Norm Sonju in 1979. The following season, 1980-1981, the Dallas Mavericks began participating in NBA under a payment of twelve million dollars.

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Until the restructuring carried out at the beginning of the century, the Dallas Mavericks were part of the Midwest Division of the Western Conference. The first coach who had the Texan team was Dick Motta, an experienced technician who came to win the championship ring with Washington Bullets. In addition to basketball coaching the Chicago Bulls, with whom he won the trophy for best coach of the year in 1971. Thus, the Mavericks thought of forming a championship team since its first day in history. Brad Davis with his assists became a basketball player of the utmost importance for the Mavs in the first years of its history. So much so that, a few years later, in 1992, he retired with his number 15.

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