The Radial Root Cyclone technology featured in Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner ensures the efficient cleaning power with constant suction and being free of clogging. The Turbine Head brush bar can be turned on for short to medium pile carpets or turned off for hard surfaces. The clean air is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to be allergy and asthma friendly, as it expels very clean air and contains up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the regular air we breathe in. This feature is on account of the washable lifetime HEPA filter and Dyson’s Bactisafe screen which tracks and destroys mold, bacteria and allergens on contact and makes sure that none of these re-enters the air.

The innovative Telescopic Wrap System compresses the hose and wand for compact and efficient storage. The tools in Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner include a long bristled brush tool for cobwebs, a tool for stairs and a high velocity airflow crevice tool intended for picture frames, baseboards and awkward gaps. The clear dust bin has a .44 gallon capacity and the unit also has easy to maneuver wheels and a long power cord.

The majority of reviews for Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner seem to be in favor of this model and it has definitely earned a good rating with negligible negative comments which could be because of the improper use by those users.

The easy maneuverability and first-rate suction of Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner earns the greatest praise with the negatives coming from the telescopic wrap system for the hose and wand which didn’t seem to impress much. The design scores top points although the quality of some of the plastic used scores very badly among reviewers, while there are very mixed opinions on the easy-to-empty dust container, with most writers commenters declaring it every bit as easy and clean to empty as the manufacturers claim, but with a few claiming that although it is easy to dump out, it is not at all clean as dust blows everywhere. It must be said that overall reviewers declared Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner an excellent buy and recommended it highly, with the protractors mainly suggesting that it may be a little highly priced for the satisfaction given. Overall, we can see the positive vibes for this upright vacuum cleaner.

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Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner has been designed specifically with pets in mind, as it cleans animal fur efficiently with constant suction and no clogging because of Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology.

A unique feature called airmuscle technology combines three Dyson-engineered cleaner head technologies known as pneumatic actuator, high-torque clutch and powered cam to do a thorough cleaning job on any type of floor.Dyson DC28 is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to be safe for asthmatics and allergy sufferers due to the washable lifetime HEPA filter which leaves the expelled air up to 150 times cleaner of bacteria and mold than the regular air around us. Pet hair and dust are easily cleaned from the car, upholstery and narrow spaces with the mini turbine head, while the brush bar can be adjusted or removed via the powered cam with a fingertip control.

Its features include a telescopic reach wand for stairs and high-up surfaces, which at the touch of a button will release and expand to 16 ft. The other accessory tools are stored on board and include the mini turbine head, a stair tool, a flat out head tool for reaching underneath furniture and a combination tool converting from brush tool to debris nozzle. Let’s see what consumers say about Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner?

There is a unanimous five-star rating for Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner and the customers found themselves delighted with their purchase. The astonishing suction power along with the exceptional accessories make this an excellent cleaner for any pet owner, or indeed for anyone at all. The extra length of the power cord is an added bonus as it is the quick-draw telescopic wand.

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Although carrying a fairly high price tag, this vacuum cleaner appears to be worth every penny, for the exceptional functions and accessories it provides. Several reviewers mentioned first using Dyson DC65 on a carpet they thought was previously cleaned by their old vacuum, only to find they still filled the entire container on this one with dust and particles left behind. A few comments say that the cleaner is heavy and cumbersome to push around and have been countered by comments from others saying that this generally means it is on the wrong floor setting, as when set correctly, Dyson DC65 is almost self-propelled. Overall Dyson DC65 animal complete upright vacuum cleaner is thoroughly recommended by reviewers as an excellent purchase.

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