Even after being in business for many years, it seems understandable that many business owners might not know the difference between hiring creative brochure design services and hiring flyer design services.

These two business items are often confused with each other because of their similarities, but most of their primary qualities are fundamentally different. They have different functions and completely different designs. Brochure design Pricing is usually more than flyer design, you would usually pay more for a unique brochure design than a unique flyer design.


Flyers are often used only once since they are expendable and not representative of your brand. They are usually made on a single sheet of paper – 8.5 x 11 paper size – also referred to as leaflets or handbills. Often times the quality of paper used also doesn’t need to be of the highest order, any decent paper will do Streaming

When you have a promotional event, or a low cost marketing campaign with no real downside to it, flyers are primarily used. The purpose of its existence is to convey a small amount of information valid for a limited amount of time.

It can also be folded, put into an envelope and sent as a self-serving mail. They can also be hanged into public places for promotion or put on notice boards like posters. However, the purpose of a poster is completely different and flyer can’t fulfill that. Their primary purpose more often is localized advertisement. That is why you can write the flyer’s content yourself mostly, but not always.

These days many business don’t prefer to hire a flyer design service and instead design their own flyers. With the help of software such as Microsoft Publisher and PagePlus, it has become much easier to do that. In any case, the professional work will always be superior to amateur designers.

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Brochures serve a much more important than flyers. A unique brochure design is always a step in the right direction if you intend to create a brand name out of your business. Creative brochure design services are also aware of this fact.

Brochures are printed on a standard size paper and are usually folded multiple times depending on the brochure design. However the size of paper used varies according to the needs and wishes of different businesses.

The physical designs of brochures are called C-fold and gatefold. C-fold has paper folded thrice while gatefold is the newer and more unique design where brochure paper is folded inwardly four times.

Brochures design services use a paper of standard size but the quality of that paper needs to very high or at the very least decent. It also determines the brochure design pricing.

Brochures are directed towards a more focused audience that has more of a chance to be your potential clients. It has to be of a higher quality than that of a flyer because it showcases your products and the principles and values of your company. The clients and customers will compare your brochure quality with the quality of your services. Usually businesses hire copywriters to write the content of their brochures.

This is precisely the reason you need to hire creative brochure design services for your business’ brochures and forget about amateur work. The more you spend on marketing properly, the better it will be for your business.

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