Wax buffing is an essential work and the entire effect of the car polishing and waxing depends on how well buffing work has been completed. There are different ways in which buffing is done. There are two of the most common ways of buffing namely the Hand buffing and the machine buffing.

Hand Buffing

Hand buffing requires a lot of effort and time. Here are some of the ways to effectively do the hand buffing of car wax.

Always start from the top and gradually move downwards.

Left to right movement is required when you are dealing on the lateral portions.

Select the panel technique. Select separate panels and complete their buffering separately. You can affix time for the same.

One you have completed all the panels do a complete car buffing for the uniformity.

Hand buffing often lacks uniformity. When you start the buffing process you are fully charged and apply great force and energy.

However, as the time passes you get tired and the buffing gets affected. Thus, you get different shining effect as a result of hand buffing.

Take care of some of the equipment and the working tools you require. Make sure that you have 2-3 pieces of sponge with you.

Ensure they are of high quality and their corners are smooth else they will create scratches on the car body. Use a waxing brush which is the best and most acclaimed. One can use separate pieces of clothes and do the buffing in several rounds using these clothes for better effect.

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Electronic Buffers

These are tools which consist of a round or oval plastic or metal piece mounted on an electric motor. The speed of the buffer can be controlled using the regulator. The oval piece is covered with the appropriate clothing .These oval materials have a basic coating of sponge on them and we wrap a piece of cotton cloth on them while doing the buffing.

Advantages of the electronic buffing

Electric buffers are easy to use. They require less time and effort to complete the work.
Electric buffers do not get tired like the humans and hence the buffing has a uniformity.
These can be used to conveniently do the waxing for the bigger vehicles too.
Pressure application is calculated and appropriate in all the places on the car body using the electric buffers. There are many buffers which also display the pressure being applied while buffing and hence both the pressure and the speed of the buffing process can be regulated or controlled using electric buffers.

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