This is the original pizza, which has been in force since the eighteenth century, and its basic ingredients are the mass of flour, tomato and mozzarella. The mass is left to take at least twelve hours and the kneading is done by hand. It is a very thin pizza with 35 centimeters in diameter, a border one to two centimeters thick and 0.4 centimeters in the middle, which is left in the oven at 500 degrees over a minute Food

New York-Style Pizza

It is 45 centimeters in diameter and the dough includes water, sugar and olive oil in addition to flour. On the other hand, it is very thin, so you have to bake little and it can be eaten folded in the street. In addition, the tomato is quite spiced with garlic, oregano and chili, which gives it a characteristic flavor. It usually does not carry fresh mozzarella.

Pizza Al Taglio

It is perhaps the most modern variant and is thought to cut in strips which you can eat it in the street. It is made in metal trays where you put dough with higher hydration and leave for more time in the oven to come out spongy. In addition, it carries a wide base of cheese where the ingredients go.

Argentine Pizza

It can be differentiated for the reason that it is spongier than the Neapolitan or New York-Style pizza. This is because it carries more yeast in its preparation, so that it is not necessary to have fermentation so slow; it is a question of only having to wait three or four hours in the fermentation of the dough. Another characteristic touch is that it carries much cheese, so much that it surpasses the edges of the loaf.

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Chicago-Style Pizza

It is designed to be a complete dish, which can be eaten en route to work or back. For this reason, the dough, which includes a little corn flour, is baked inside a deep metallic plate covered with olive oil, so that it leaves raised edges to fill and a roasted and solid bottom that will support the weight of the cheese and the ingredients. It is necessary that it is filled, in addition to the tomato, with half a kilo of mozzarella.


It is a spongy, thin pizza, no more than a centimeter thick, in square shape typical of Sicily. It is very sparse in ingredients, since it usually does not carry more than tomato sauce, onion, anchovies, oregano and some typical Sicilian cheese but never mozzarella. There is a New York version that is known as ‘Sicilian Pizza’.

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