Pocket Holster

They fit in the pocket and can be used to carry small arms. Again, they are not the best way to carry the main weapon but the backup. Some of my comrades simply carried the gun in their coat pocket ready to shoot without undoing it. Semi-automatic guns will experience a chimney-type interruption after the first shot.


I will refer to this type of holster, named after the old sleeves of the American cavalry. The weapon is placed in the hip of the skilled side with the grip forward. To reach it, an unnatural movement must be made by turning the palm of the hand outwards, as opposed to the instinctive gesture of putting the hand to the hip with the palm inward. Even more serious, when drawing, there are many possibilities of crossing with the axis of the canyon some part of the body, with the danger that this implies.

Paddle Holster

These are a type of outer covers that do not have eyelets for the belt but have a ‘paddle’ that presses is against the sheath and that is inserted inside the pants being secured by the clamp effect. These covers were designed to be easy to put on and take off. However, if they are of poor quality, we run the risk of bringing the holster hanging from the barrel when drawing under stress. They can be an option for people who have to change their clothes frequently throughout their work day.

Belly Band Holster

It is a kind of belt with a sewn cover, invented by Bianchi in 1960, which is worn under the shirt or jacket and it is widely used in the USA by doctors. It is highly recommended for obese people or pregnant women, but be careful as the belly band holster exposes the weapon a lot to sweat. In fact, there have been reports of Glock pistols discolored by this fact.

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It is the most extreme position, since the weapon is in the opposite hip with the grip forwards. It accentuates the disadvantages of the previous one, but can be useful if we are sitting or driving; it is one of the most comfortable for drivers.

Underneath Holster

They have the disadvantages of cross-sleeves, and are also very uncomfortable and do not hide the weapon well. The women may have trouble reaching for the gun because of the chest. There are two basic types and in the first, the gun is vertical pointing towards the ground, and in the second it is horizontal with the barrel pointing backwards. This can be dangerous if you undo under stress and put your finger on the trigger, since the one behind you may get injured by a negligent discharge. We have all had a case of this type, especially at the beginning of our professional career, and I think we have all also relegated it to the bottom of the drawer shortly.

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