Corduroy Shirts

Although corduroy has been popularly worn in trousers, its shirts are very nice and sophisticated, and also perfect to have a little more warmth. The most popular are the autumnal tones, but you can find them in many more colors.

Cotton Shirts

They are the most popular for the reason that since there is a great variety, and according to the print, they serve for more formal or informal occasions. In addition, cotton is a pleasant material to the touch, easy to wash and iron, and we can carry these shirts throughout the year. Their printing is the most versatile because they serve for both formal and informal looks.

Other of the most popular are striped cotton shirts or dots which are very subtle prints that allow to give an original touch to the shirt but without losing elegance.

We also have found shirts with floral print, which is certainly a type of shirt that does not go unnoticed. If it is well combined, it allows you to wear a unique and very original look.

Checked Flannel Shirts

They are perfect for the winter, since the flannel is warm and very comfortable and they are perfect for a casual look. In addition, we can use them as overhead, combining them with a short-sleeve shirt underneath.

Double-Cuff Shirts

They are traditionally worn in a suit or tuxedo. Their sleeves are longer than normal, the neck is specially designed to wear a tie, but above all its most characteristic feature is the lack of buttons on the cuffs to be able to use cufflinks.

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Camouflage Shirts

These shirts, which were traditionally used as military clothing, over time have been introduced in the world of fashion and there is currently no year in which military print does not appear in the most popular fashion stores.

Linen Shirts

They are perfect to go elegant when it starts to get hot for the reason that they allow to absorb moisture easily, so you will not have the feeling of going sweaty. They are cool, very light and comfortable. They combine with any look, for example, in shorts and espadrilles, leaving all the protagonism to the shirt.

Hiking Shirts

The hiking shirts prevent the rays of the sun from passing, protecting you while doing outdoor activities. They are available in neutral tones such as gray, brown, green and you can find them in short or long sleeve.

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