When we have a vehicle, it is normal to think of its place in the house, and the ideal is to have a garage or a carport, open or closed and integrated to the house or garden, because this way we provide both a parking space but also a safe place to park our car.

In this post, we bring you seven carports with different styles and designs, some open, others closed, but if they have something in common, it is that they respond to the needs of the inhabitants of the house, a safe space where to keep the car with comfortable and without much space needed in the house, so do not miss these designs that you will surely love.  Remember that you always hire the expert carport builder to have the best results.

For those who are looking for a quick, efficient and with a lot of wave, this carport is an ideal one. A pergola-like construction seeks to protect the car from inclement weather, but the best thing is that a green roof is added on top, ideal if the space you choose is characterized by having several hours of direct sunlight to achieve a more cool space where to park the car, and a green roof is the friendliest solution.

Another carport is one of the most practical, because although it is not closed, it is visible to all, the design of the house allows to have an almost direct connection with it from the long horizontal window that is located on the ground floor. The wide driveway allows both entry and exit of the vehicle to be simple and accessible, without risky maneuvers and even beginner-proof. One point to keep in mind in this type of carports is lighting, as it is important having a good lighting, so that when night falls, it does not go completely in dark and may become a temptation for some.

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Another type of carport, but with a smaller space, is the space just for a car located to one side of the main entrance and in front of a door that directly connects this space with the house. The geometric design of the house gives the ideal space for this carport that stands out for its simplicity and practicality.

The design of such a carport was undoubtedly inspired by a very personalized and modern style. It could be defined as a cabin with a large glazed door whose opening responds to the space available in the garden. This type of construction is ideal if we look for a closed shelter for the car, but we do not have enough space to build a classic carport. The jewel of this carport is undoubtedly the small space with chairs and table that is located in the front.

A house with a minimalist aesthetic and few meters does not need to be deprived of the advantages of having a carport at home. To achieve such a design, it has a small entrance with a space available for a car, the geometric design and the colors in black and white make the simple lines stand out and their aesthetic is distinguished. The result is a small but effective space that connects the front of the house with the background.

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