Flashlights are very useful tools. There are rechargeable, battery operated, solar or with dynamo. There are so many types of flashlights and uses you can give them. Here we will see what types of flashlights there are based on their light power and use.

Depending on the Type of Light Power

There are two types mainly which are as follows;

Focused Light

Usually they offer a distance of illumination of many meters, but the opening of the light is low, therefore, it will serve to illuminate the distant areas but will light little surface. This type is made up of a single high power LED bulb.

Focal Aperture

These offer lots of light at close range, and are recommended to illuminate large surfaces but close to where you are. In this case, the focal aperture flashlights are formed by many LEDs but of less light intensity. Learn more here.

Depending on the Usage

There are many possible uses in which you will need to light, within the most common are the following types;


You can use a keychain flashlight in emergency situations or when the light is gone and you will not find the door lock.

Standard or Hand-Held

It is the most typical type. It is easy to carry and is often used on excursions. It is usually resistant to shock and water.


The use is the same as the hand, but it has the advantage that you do not need to occupy any hand to carry it, as they are very practical when you go hiking or fishing or even do DIY in low light situations. A variant is the caps with light, increasingly used for their comfort in use.

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They are usually hand held, and have besides light, different aspects related to safety, such as cutter, hammer, magnet, emergency lighting or charger.


It is are characterized by having a base where the flashlight can be placed on a stand or table remaining stable, which makes it perfect to use in camping.


There are many variants, usually they have a hook to hang it and illuminate an area with reduced visibility. There are also spotlights.

Tactical Flashlights

The tactical flashlights are mainly used by men of armed forces, and the civilians also use them as a weapon to defend against the sudden attacks at night. I would suggest you to visit Rangermade.net to see a variety of tactical flashlights.

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