Dubai is one of the main financial centers of the planet. More than 340 international commercial banks operate there under the supervision of Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has established an advanced educational system, suitable for the full range of cultures and languages, including a large variety of public and private schools that offer their services to both local and foreign citizens. There is a prestigious health system and a huge variety of entertainment options.

Dubai has been part of the Federation of the United Arab Emirates since 1971 along with Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujeirah and Ra’s Al-Khaimah. This Federation is a prosperous sovereign state with an extension of 83,600 square kilometers and a very small population. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the largest emirates in the federation. Abu Dhabi has the seat of the federal government and is the main center of the oil industry while Dubai is the main commercial center with activities that spread all over the world

There is a range of electronic service systems optimized to meet the needs of companies, through the modern online services of the Government of Dubai, as well as an extensive network of roads and subways, maintained by the Department of Roads and Transportation.

Since the late twentieth century, Dubai has positioned itself as a paradise of entertainment. There are international tennis tournaments, regattas and horse races, aerial shows and rallies in the desert.

Tolerance towards alcohol and drugs is zero, although alcohol consumption is permitted in hotels and private homes, provided a license is available. The age limit is 21 years. The official religion is Islamic. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter mosques, except the one located on Jumeirah Beach Road, which can be visited. In Dubai, there are non-Islamic prayer sites in the Oud Metha and Jebel Ali area. Despite the religious tolerance, Sharia or Muslim Law is applied, which is essential to show a strict respect for their customs.

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The nationals from Western Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea can enjoy a visa for thirty days from their arrival in Dubai. If you do not enter any of the categories, you need in addition to the visa, a sponsor that is a person or a company that invites you. The sponsors can be hotels or travel agencies to process the tourist visa which is valid for 30 days. So you can also go to Dubai for a few days if you intend to do a business or make investment in off plan properties Dubai.

Residence Visa

To obtain the Residency Visa, you must have a sponsor. The sponsor is the company itself and to obtain the Family Residence Visa, the sponsor will be the spouse who works. The essential papers to carry out the residence visa are the birth certificates of the children and the marriage certificate.

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