MyVegas Slots is a free Facebook game that you could pay with the great rewards in the real life scene for your next trip to Las Vegas.

Unlike FarmVille and other similar games that have no point other than showing the achievements within the game, MyVegas Slots allows you to have fun with a wide range of the slot games and also accumulate the valuable reward points to the real life rewards.

MyVegas Slots takes in more than ten different individual slot games which include the pretty standard Egyptian and medieval themed offerings as well as the unique features such as Reel Chef, an Iron Chef style slot game, and the farm betting, a FarmVille type mash up game with a few theme slots.

The game also takes in a city building mode that allows you to collect the pieces while you are playing slots to build your own little virtual casino empire. Once you build a casino, you can periodically check to collect the free chips that can be used to play all the slot games. This means that even if you run out of the chips, you just have to wait for a little bit of time until you can visit your virtual casinos and charge for getting more chips.

If you are too eager to wait for more chips, you can also simply use the real money to buy more with different packages which are available and vary in price from a few dollars to the hundreds of dollars. If you are impatient to receive the chips, you can go for this option.

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The players compete for the game chips in the games and the accumulate the reward points as well that can be redeemed for the real world prizes such as free hotel rooms in Las Vegas, entrance passes to the shows, or meals at a variety of the restaurants around the city.

PlayStudios is the company behind MyVegas Slots and has signed the exclusive deals with MGM and other major casino companies in Las Vegas which allows them to use the names and images of the various Las Vegas casinos within the games such as Excalibur, The Mirage and the Luxor.

At present, this game is only available for Facebook, but PlayStudios has already made the announcement that it plans for the release of versions for iOS very soon.

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