When it comes to oral health in babies, you should make them begin oral hygiene care and establish routine that will be very useful for children when they grow up. In the first months of life, the use of a pacifier or thumb sucking can have impact on the health of babies.

Contrary to popular belief, before the appearance of the first tooth (usually between the fifth and eighth month of life) oral hygiene should start by cleaning your baby’s gums. With a moistened gauze, patience and playing with baby, rub the gums to remove traces of milk and baby food. This method also has to be followed when the first teeth appear.

Two objectives are sought with early oral hygiene. The first is, of course, to keep mouth, gums and teeth as clean as possible and the second reason is that you teach the habit of cleaning teeth to children, who from the outset will see it as normal and it will be much easier to move to the use of toothbrush.

Remember that milk dentition is completed around 2 years. If he baby does not begin oral hygiene with toothbrush at this age, he/she may have some degree of tooth decay. You must try to link that habit with a moment of play. Harnessing when the baby is relaxed but not before going to bed, as the baby will be tired. Along with the cleaning of the gums or teeth, the first thing you can use is his/her favorite toy or book specific for this moment, which relates baby teeth cleaning with something positive and pleasant.

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When the first teeth have appeared, you can start using very soft tooth brushes without toothpaste, just moistened with water.

At the same time, there are habits that can affect babies, sometimes seriously, for future oral health. One is the use and, above all, abuse of pacifiers or, failing that, thumb sucking. Regular and continuous use can affect the development of the jaw, the position of the teeth and even problem in bites.

Of course, you have to avoid giving sweets or candies to the baby because high sugar promotes tooth decay. You also have to take special care with sugary drinks and packaged juices.

You must never let the baby sleep with a bottle in his/her mouth containing such beverages. As a consequence, the baby may suffer from tooth decay. And of course, with the appearance of the first teeth, it is a good time to make his/her first visit to the dentist who will advise on the best care regarding oral health of the child.

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