Everyone loves a clean, real wood deck in front of their homes, to add to the beauty and grace of the whole structure. It not only has a decorative value, but also is wonderful to sit-in during nice, sunny weather or watch the rain drop from the deck roof. That is why a well-kept deck is a very important part of a household, being the first thing guests see when they arrive to indulge in your hospitality.

Hence, it is very important that the deck be properly looked after. This is because real wood decks are prone to a lot of damage incurred at the hands of nature. As it is exposed to the outside, the wood takes in a lot of moisture when it rains, which weakens it considerably from the inside. The sunlight UV rays also contribute to the damage by changing the color of the wood and weaken the adhering substances. This results in even more avenues for the moisture to reach the insides of the wood and weaken it further. Hence these phenomena will not only destroy the look of your deck, but may also lead to accidents by suddenly breaking under heavy weight.

3 Options

There are basically three options for every house that bears a real wood deck. Either to let it stay that way, or apply a wood stain or seal, or lastly you can apply deck wood paint. Leaving the wood unattended is obviously the easy choice, but we have elaborated to you the hazards of this choice. A wood stain or seal is a good option, as it increases its durability, and maintains the original color of the wood.

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Reliable Choice

Coming on to wood paint, it is a very viable choice due to a variety of reasons. The obvious reason being that it will allow you to paint your deck in any color that you want. You can also choose a color shade that resembles the color of the original wood so as to give it the genuine look. Apart from that, the paint has a very thick finish, so it imparts a lot of protection to the wood from moisture, rust, as well as mold. This will considerably increase the lifespan of the wood, and should there arise a defect in any corner, it can quickly be corrected with a fresh coat of paint.

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