The need to improve control over assets and spaces and to manage more and more information has made it necessary for the computer applications to be used in the Facilities Management to evolve along with the concept and tasks that are part of the discipline. Initially, Facilities Management focused almost exclusively on the maintenance and management. For this reason, it is not surprising that the first software related to building management (Computerized Maintenance Management System) only responded to these needs.

As Facilities Management has evolved and expanded to other concepts such as the operation of buildings, substitute management or asset life cycle control among others, the software for these tasks, to respond to these demands, also evolved, giving way to the applications of computer-aided infrastructure management, more complete and complex program, that in addition to the management of the maintenance allow to handle other elements such as the management of the life cycle of the assets or the management of the substitute.

The current trends take the concept of Facilities Management ahead from the building and reach known as infrastructure management, where not only the building is managed but all that is inside it, including the infrastructures that aren’t part of the building.

The different concepts of application in the world of Facilities Management can be transferred to the multiple settings without necessarily being located in the intricate building, thus, we find infrastructures like parks, roads, open areas and a large number of spaces that may need management of operative and preventive maintenance, capacity control and all the units likely to offer a service. The evolution of Facilities Management System is the evolution towards Infrastructure Management System, opening management capacity to all variety of elements and assets which can be available.

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Associated to the concept of infrastructure is the concept of services. When we analyze typology of different services, they’re identified in the first place that are born of the own necessity of the asset and its state. In this respect, objective is that each asset is in its best condition, so that it can be up and running and available in the best condition for the longest possible time.

We also find the services associated to the users based on requirements which the people have who use an infrastructure, so the preventive maintenance is caused by the need for the asset to be maintained while incident management is intended to respond to a malfunction of an asset that in most cases is affecting the users.

At present, the new generation of management systems already take into account the three concepts i.e. management, infrastructure and service. This is where the Infrastructure and Services Management concern both for the management of the infrastructure and for the services that can or should be provided. Now to hire the best services for facilities management Dubai.

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