Selling or leasing a property is a task of care and it is not always easy, so here are some tips that can be very useful when doing a real estate business.

To sell your house, make it look like a model house

It is one of the most important things since you must depersonalize the property. Delete photographs, special ornaments, pictures, or any element that does not allow the client to be projected on the property. When you are going to visit a model house of a project what you see are the basic things, just the same way your house should be ready.

Take out what you can of furniture

The more basic and empty house is going to be much better, as the spaces are going to look wider and the person interested in buying it can imagine how to locate their furniture.

Make the necessary arrangements

Make a list of those details that you can do to the property to make it look better, as this will always have a positive impact on the sale price such as paint, carpets, glasses, doors, improve lighting etc.

To sell your house, do it at market price

The best opportunity to sell a property is that it is at market price, so ask your real estate office to make an appraisal of the property or a comparative study of the market and thus be able to compete with other properties similar to yours.

Keep all documents of the property in hand

For any real estate business, you will need the documents of the property, so you must have the certificate of previous transitions, the deeds, receipts of taxes paid, receipts of public service payments, photocopies of identity documents of the owners, and peace and safe administration and recovery.

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Verify that you have no legal impediment

To be able to do any real estate business, it is important to verify that this can be done, so it must be verified that the property has no affectations, demands, mortgages, among others.

Take into account taxes and notary expenses

Always keep in mind that in any real estate business, you have to pay taxes, such as value added, occasional gain and income, among others. Ask the estimate of these to your real estate agent.

Security is the most important thing

Do not let anyone enter your property, since their intentions may not be to buy, but to do some harm to you or your loved ones, so it is always good to have a professional real estate agent on your side.

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