When the summer arrives, it makes it difficult for us to fall asleep and most of us toss and turn in the bed the whole night. And if you add to this the visit of a mosquito, the night turn out to a nightmare.

While some people get a small rash and others suffer from uncomfortable allergic reactions, malaria or dengue while some people are lucky enough to notice a simple sting that is passed by. Whatever your case, it is clear is that with the arrival of summer also come with some nasty night visitors, the mosquitos. Here’s a trick for mosquitoes to walk away from your humble abode and let you sleep peacefully.

A House Mosquito Trap

All you need to catch the mosquitoes and do not get stung is a two-liter plastic bottle, a saw knife and the following mentioned homemade ingredients;

One-quarter cup of brown sugar
A cup of warm water
One gram of yeast (about a quarter teaspoon)

Cut a quarter of the bottle out of the nozzle area with the knife. In the base, mix the ingredients in the order given. Adding the yeast creates a mixture of carbon dioxide that will attract the mosquitoes. It turns out that mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 we emit when breathing, indeed, they can detect their prey up to 50 meters away and this homemade potion is a good way to deceive them.

To get them to come to your delicacy and get caught in the brew, use the top of the bottle, the one you trimmed before, making sure you do not carry the cap and put it face down into the base.

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If you want your trap to be even more effective, wrap the bottle with something black, a cardboard or a cloth, and leave the top covered. Mosquitoes are also attracted to the black color, so with this last trick your trap will be absolutely irresistible to them. Remember to change the solution every two weeks, so that you can continue to keep mosquitoes away from your home. You can place these cheap and simple traps in the corners you find suitable and have a happy summer time.

Preventive Methods

This remedy can be supplemented with a number of preventative methods that decrease the presence of mosquitoes. First of all, you should avoid leaving glasses of water or bottles open for the reason that they are a good place to raise larvae of these insects. Over-perfumed cosmetics attract mosquitoes, as do the sweat and even foot odor. Keeping the room in which you go to sleep is tightly closed and ventilated and trying not to turn on the light helps to keep mosquitoes out.

If you have this issue of severe nature I suggest you to use Flowtron BK 40D which is an electronic insect killer.

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