Weapon cleaning and maintenance is a must-have skill for all gun owners. The firing of a gun leaves metal dust and debris that over time continues to accumulate if they are not cleaned. No need to perform maintenance will begin to affect the accuracy and performance of the gun and, if you let go long enough, you actually begin to damage the gun.

Gun Cleaning Kits

Make sure you have the correct size of the gun cleaning rod. The best gun cleaning kit comes in specific size gauge and universal kits. A universal kit for both rifles and guns is probably the most useful one, especially if you are going to be cleaning various types of guns.

A gun cleaning rod is the long multi-part tool that is inserted into the gun barrel with patches or brushes at the end. Make sure the rod is either covered with plastic or brass to prevent the rod from scratching or splintering the inside of the gun barrel.

You should set a long towel, one that you do not mind getting in ruins, where you are going to clean your gun. A useful piece of equipment to invest in a rubber-backed piece of felt specifically designed for cleaning the gun, both will protect your weapon and your table.

You can begin by disassembling your gun and placing the pieces on the felt. For example, remove the bolt from a deadbolt and remove the slide from a semiautomatic pistol. Place the parts to be cleaned on the towel or felt.

Each gun is disposed of differently, and there should be indications in the gun manual if necessary. If you do not have the original manual, you should be able to download it or get it directly from the gun manufacturer.

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Loosening Residue in the Barrel

Make sure you use a drill guide when you start cleaning the barrel. This is usually a small piece of plastic that fits into the receiver, or the beginning of the barrel. It will also maintain its chipping or use the head space where the cartridge meets the barrel.

Clean cotton patches should always be used to clean a gun. Soak one of these in a gun cleaning solvent cleaning gun and run this through the barrel for a while to let the solvent begin to penetrate. Next, adjust the appropriately sized brass brush for the barrel. These brushes come in caliber sizes, so you should get the individual ones for each gun. Run the brush, soaked in solvent, through the barrel until it begins to protrude from the mouth of the barrel, then bring it back. Repeat this 10 to 12 times.

Cleaning the Barrel

After you have run the brush through, soak another cotton patch and run it through. It should probably be black and slightly green from the copper powder and the brush has loosened. Continue to run through patches until they come out clean. After the patches come out clean, run a dry patch through to get the solvent from the inside of the barrel.

Rust Treatment

Moisture is the enemy of guns, you should always clean your gun with a lubricant to prevent oxidation before storing it.

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