CZ 85 Combat of 9mm Caliber

It is manufactured by the brand Ceska Zbrojovka of Czech origin. It is a semi-automatic pistol with sport-oriented design, and it has an ambidextrous handling of the safety and of retention of slider. It is a more modern and more current design.

Beretta 92 FS of 9mm Caliber

It is a pistol manufactured by Beretta and also it is also made in the military versions for the US Army known under the name as M9. It is one of the pistols along with the Glock which is most used in the films of Hollywood. It appeared for the first time in 1976 in its version 92 FS and today the pistol carried by the military in the United States.

Glock 17 of 9mm Caliber

It is possibly the most popular pistol in the world; it is a pistol manufactured by the brand Glock and is of Austrian origin. This pistol is used by many police departments around the world. It has a capacity of 17 cartridges of 9mm and its most recent version is the Gen4.

1911 Style Pistols

1911 guns are no doubt one the best found in the whole world and 1911 guns are especially used by the Americans. You can also get the custom 1911 grips if you want to personalize your gun according to your choice.

HK45 of .45 ACP Caliber

This pistol is manufactured by H & K (Heckler and Koch) and this chambered for the .45 ACP caliber as it is a small capacity gun of only 10 shots in a magazine. It has been said that this pistol could replace the Beretta 92 FS in the American army.

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Springfield XDM 4.5 of 9mm, 40sw and .45 ACP Caliber

It is a pistol manufactured by the Springfield Armory factory and is a much improved version of the XD model. It is one of the most capable pistols in the world and it has a capacity of 19 shots in 9mm, 16 in 40sw and 13 in .45 ACP. It has some of the best designs in terms of pistols.

Beretta Px4 Storm of 9mm, 40sw and .45 ACP Caliber

Beretta Px4 is manufactured by the company Beretta and it is one of the pistols with better design as it has a rotating cannon and it means that every time the slide is behind the cannon, it turns on itself. It has a capacity of 17 shots and its frame is made of Polymer.

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