Before Signing the Contract of Rental Car

The authorities warn that the contract must detail both the price of the rent and the insurance that is contracted. In general, the insurance can be contracted completely or with a franchise for a certain amount. This means that if an accident takes place, the customer must pay all the damages to the car, the repair of which does not exceed this amount. However, if it is judged that the cost of the repair is higher, it will be paid by the insurance company.

When the contract is made, a second driver can be included in the contract. This extra can have an additional cost per day that can vary according to the rental plan.

At the Time of Car Delivery

Most of the companies impose a limit of the kilometers, therefore, if the user anticipates that he or she is going to make a long trip, it may be advisable to hire the possibility of not having it, otherwise, there could be a later surcharge. The same thing happens on the date and time of the delivery of the car. If the driver got delayed in delivering the car, the car rental company could impose an economic penalty.

Another point to keep in mind when you are returning the car is about fuel. There are several car rental companies which offer the full tank when they are renting a car, but ask that it should be the same at the time to return it, and not doing so could mean no return of the deposit that was given at the beginning. It is important that the car is returned in the perfect condition, since in case it does not, the company could charge the cleaning or repair costs.

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To rent a car for the holidays has a lot of benefits, but certainly, you have to take into account what conditions the car rental companies impose and what requirements the insurers require when signing the insurance, in addition to the final price of services. At this point, the authorities warn that to the extent that market prices are free, it should be remembered that these can vary widely from one company to another, so it is recommends to compare the prices and services.

You are supposed to make a comparison of all the rental companies as well as of the insurance companies as it not only contributes to the users’ savings, but they can also avoid many problems when delivering the car in case of an accident.

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