Hanging out with friends could be one of the best things in life. Imagine your day will just be filled with laughter and happiness; nothing more, nothing less. There’s no room for problems when with friends. Friends are the people you can trust with anything and with whom you can talk about your hopes, fears, and dreams. Those who will also be your biggest fans and support you even if your ideas are crazy. Then, even though you might get angry at your friends, you will always forgive them.

Spice things up a little if you want to keep making great memories and having fun with your friends. Here’s a list of fun things to do with friends. Cheers for a better and stronger friendship!

Playing board games

The best thing about playing board games and puzzles is that they provide an opportunity to think creatively. You can’t always rely on your gut when you compete, but by using strategy, it’s easy for people with different skill sets or ideas to come together as one cohesive unit because everyone has something special which will help them win!

Old but gold. You can never get tired of playing board games with your friends, even though you’ve done it with them several times. Board games just bring a lot of fun, especially if you have that one friend who always loses. Also, there are tons of online board games available on the internet, which you can try if you are too busy to go out, or in case of a lockdown.

Travel cities after cities on Google Street View

Most people don’t use Google Street View enough. It’s an exciting and free web feature that most people don’t use enough. Just a few clicks of the mouse let you enter any neighborhood in any city or country around the world. Some of the buildings are so big you can even go inside many of them! Gather your friends up in your living room, and connect your laptop to your television to explore these cities. Enjoy and feel like you really are tourists; you might as well get some food and drinks! However, if your city is still in lockdown or you guys are too busy to meet up, get your friends on video chat, grab a bottle of wine, and have a good time in the virtual world.

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Bake desserts together

Another fun thing to do with friends is to bake together. Baking is another way to unwind, relieve stress, and be an outlet for creativity. It can be an excellent form of therapy for those who enjoy the culinary arts. Baking, for example, has been demonstrated to have somewhat therapeutic effects on a person’s learning curve. And for those who aren’t fond of baking, this could be an exciting experience, especially if you’re doing it with a friend.

Here are simple and easy recipes you and your friends could try!

Banana muffins

These cinnamon-spiced banana muffins are moist, buttery, and flavorful. Chopped walnuts or chocolate chips are other delicious additions. Flour, sugar, and milk are all you’ll need to make these banana muffins.

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are sweet baked goods known for their butter flavor and the use of chocolate chips in their recipe. Oatmeal, almonds, and raisins can all be included in some varieties.

Classic banana bread

You can bake banana bread anytime and any place with basic and convenient ingredients. Since no rising time is required, most banana bread mixtures may be whipped up in a matter of minutes. It’s also possible to mix the batter with an electric stand mixer or a spoon in a bowl. Using ripe bananas is all that is required.

Pranking other friends

April Fools might not be around the corner, but it should not stop you from pranking your friends to have some laughs! If you are into practical pranks, make sure that those pranks are safe and won’t harm your friends. And if you would like a trick that won’t take long and won’t take too much effort, you might as well look for prank-calling ideas! Prank calls won’t require you anything but a phone and a script. You have to practice your lines and create a perfect scenario to pull this off.


Online shopping

Can you still call it friendship if you don’t shop together? Shopping shirts, dresses, crop-tops, shoes, or whatsoever could be some form of therapeutic bonding. It’s fun to shop around physical stores, but who said it wouldn’t be nice to do online shopping together? Send links to each other, read reviews together, and look for coupon codes for discounts- you won’t even have to drag your feet around the mall to get cute and matching outfits with your friends.

You can find and purchase anything online, saving you and your friends the time and gas money of going to the store. It’s as easy as clicking a button to get what you want. Another benefit of shopping online is the speed at which transactions may be completed.

Here are some online shopping websites you can try!

  • Amazon – Amazon is the leading e-commerce site not only in the United States but also around the world. Those who live in the United States have access to the full range of Amazon products that make up the world’s largest site for everything from books to music to electronics, clothing, and accessories to tools and hardware to sporting goods.
  • eBay – Today, eBay leads a wide range of product categories, including electronics, automobiles, clothing, and collectibles, via auctions, direct from manufacturers, and verified sellers.
  • Target – A comprehensive e-commerce solution allows clients to access the complete range of Target products and services online as well as in-store at more than 1800 locations around the country.
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Stream movies or series online

There is not a movie your group could finish in every movie marathon. Nonetheless, it would still be fun to select and watch movies with friends. Before setting up your television, make sure to pop some popcorn, prepare a cheesy dip for nachos, and fry those fries! Dim your lights in your dining area or bedroom, then ta-dum, there you go! Have fun watching with friends, and make sure to capture the moment.

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