When you buy a tree, ensure that it has healthy appearance, without wounds, no broken branches, no holes in trunk and branches because of pests. You have to be well trained and proportionate as many trees of poor quality are sold. Always choose the best in the group.

The trees can be found in the garden center or in the nursery in 4 different presentations which are as follows;

  • Bare root
  • With root ball
  • Potted
  • Plaster

Bare Root Trees

The tree or the shrub is extracted from the land where it has been raised without the root ball that encompasses the roots and are thus left naked. It is only valid for deciduous trees and shrubs and you will only find this presentation in winter when they do not have leaves.

It is cheaper than other presentations which is their advantage and in general, if planted carefully, they are rooted without problems. You should buy them with fresh, non-parched roots.

Trees with root

The tree is removed from the soil of the nursery with a mass of soil adhered to its roots and wrapped in this ball in burlap fabric or plastic bag to prevent it from collapsing. The possibilities of rooting in the garden are greater than naked root but less than in the following format, in container.

Container Trees

The tree comes with a pot, usually made of plastic, and therefore has its root ball intact. A variant is in plastic bags. Rooting is over 90%, since the roots do not suffer any trauma when standing. You can do the plantation at any time of the year, although you should always avoid the coldest or hottest moments of the year.

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If you buy it in a pot, verify that it has not been removed fresh from the soil and has just been released. This is done a lot, trees are piled up and sold early, before they have taken root and have caught them well inside the pot.

On the other hand, do not buy trees that have been too long in a small container. The roots will be swirling and will leave by the hole below the pot.


It consists of digging the root of the tree, wrapping it with a wire cloth and coating it with plaster. The plaster is allowed to dry and thus you get a rigid, hard and well-made root, so that it does not crumble and remains intact.

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