We all see golf courses with grasses that are so perfectly trimmed and cared for that the ball would just breeze through it like it’s a regular pavement. The question now is how to plant grass seed on a golf course resulting to such perfection? Sure enough, we need to consider the fact that golf courses are professionally maintained for the satisfaction of their members and other clienteles. They literally pour money over their courses and they conduct special studies and planning on the land area that they have specifically for the type and method of grass planting that they’ll apply.

To be fully aware of the idea why golf course grasses grow the way we see it, we can’t focus our attention solely to the idea of how to plant grass seed. There are other methods that are involved as well and some of which are so technical and advanced at the same time. For such a large area like a golf course, grass seed planting is practiced through the process of hydroseeding. This process involves mixing water, grass seed, fertilizer and protective mulch in a tank and sprayed onto the land area. Although this process is efficient and not to mention affordable, there are still other things that run not just above the grounds of golf courses, but below it as well.

For a good start, a hydroponic system is installed into the ground to grow the grass. On the process, a bulldozer would make 30 to 40 cm deep holes and in some, the holes are even lined with plastic, gravel with sand and even drainage pipes. The sterile sand provides a nice growth to the grass and perfect drainage paired with the installed pipes. The various curves on the course is planned as well so as to allow run off of water avoiding the formation of puddles during wet season.

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The issue about sterile sand despite its great effects on the grass is that it makes it fully dependent on its care takers. It now needs a steady spray of water and the nutrients it require to grow and stay in perfect shape. This includes a regular dose of herbicide for the weeds, pesticides to keep insects away and fungicides to prevent any possibilities of diseases.

After the systems are placed and the grasses planted, the next point is caring for the entire expanse of the area. Maintaining the right condition of the grass in golf courses are tedious work. This includes mowing the area with perfect precision, watering, aerating, general coddling, applying chemicals like fertilizers and more.

If you are interested in having a little patch of golf greens at your backyard, you have to be well prepared for all the things mentioned here and use best grass seed for this purpose.

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