The garage door come with their own set of problems. Here are some ways to deal with these issues.

There are times that it can go half way down and back when you try to operate. At such times, you should be aware that it has a security sensor system that detects any obstacles when you are trying to close. In such a case, you should know if there are any objects that get in the way like a bucket or a broom, which can cause the door to go back.

The tracks, springs, hinges and rollers should be lubricated regularly to ensure proper functioning of the residential garage door.

Always keep a periodic check on how the garage door opens and closes. With regular use of engine oil, many problems in its operation can be minimized.

Always ensure that you check the track metal inside the garage and mount brackets that secure the rails to the walls. This is applied more by the roll of garage doors that have slopes than the curve from vertical to horizontal. When it is closed, work from the inside to examine the tracks. Look for any dents or flat spots. Repair them with a hammer or if you find them beyond repair, replace immediately.

Always check for loose hardware parts and adjust as needed. Check the door hinges to tighten and replace damaged screws. Sometimes, wood can be broken into the hinge. If this is the case, remove the hinge and use the wood filler to fill in the cracks. Once dry, you can replace the hinge.

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For the lubrication of tracks and the rollers, use a special garage door lubricating spray. Household oil can be used to spray on rollers. These can also be used on pulleys as well.

Sometimes you might notice that it opens and closes by itself. Well, this could be because there might be someone who has a security code similar to yours. In such cases, the only solution would be to change the code. Also keep a check on the emitter and ensure you change the batteries when necessary.

Maintaining a residential garage door can be a very tedious task if you do not follow these tips on a regular basis. So if you want it completely hassle free, all you need is a regular maintenance on your side.

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