The main function of the earrings is to illuminate the face and give a touch of light and color to the style you are wearing and they also help us to highlight the traits that make us more attractive and disguise the ones we do not like so much. In this article, we will give you some tips on choosing the perfect earrings. When you are selecting, you keep in mind among other things the color of your hair, the shape of your face and the neckline you are going to wear. It is clear that the personal taste influences, but there are a number of basic tricks you should not forget when it comes to the selection of earrings.

Length of Earring

The elongated earrings help accentuate the lines of the face and bring a lot of elegance to the look, but they do not help lengthen a short neck. They are perfect for long necks and taller people. The small earrings are perfect for shorter necks and for shorter girls.

Gold or Silver

The earrings in gold are perfect for girls with warm skin, that is, brown girls, the girls who have brown eyes and golden skin or women with light eyes and fair skin.

Silver earrings favor brown haired girls with dark blond eyes, pale skin and clear eyes.

Shape of Your Face

If your face is round, it favors the lengths that help to stylize your facial features and it is also outstanding with geometric figures or with square, rectangular and triangular details.

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If your face is square, your contours are very marked, so you have to try to soften them. You just let your earrings be wider than long. You must avoid long, square and rectangular designs.

If your face is triangular, the XXL earrings with circular shapes favor you and you should avoid triangular shapes.

If your face is oval, you are very lucky because all kinds of earrings favor you, so you can wear any shape or size and your only concern will be what you wear is your comfort.

Forehead and Jaw

If your forehead is wider than the jaw, the earrings in teardrop, pyramid or fringes and motifs favor you while you should avoid the earrings that end in tip.

If your jaw is wider than the forehead, you should opt for the earrings that end in tip.

You should also take into account the size of the other ornaments that you are going to wear and which of them you want to highlight. I am sure these guidelines will help you choose the best earrings for yourself.

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