Having fun playing Clash Royale on the mobile can be a trap. You always want more, be more powerful and have better cards. It is the story of never-ending land as you level up and you meet more powerful players, so you need better cards, more gold and more coffers.

In Clash Royale, leveling faster requires some cool blood. You should not be in a hurry for the reason that you can end up wasting your gold and gems on improving cards that will not serve you at the higher levels. You need a clear strategy such as saving all your premium resources to improve better cards when you are at a high level, unlocking complicated situations in which it is more difficult to overcome the rivals.

The first levels are passed quickly, so you do not need to better your deck or buy objects in the store. Wait for the time needed to open the coffers without investing gems in it, since you will probably need them later.

The same goes for gold, a valuable resource that will help you much more as you level up in the game. Be smart and you will go far in the game. If you spend your gold and gems in the beginning, later you will be struggling hard to have more powerful cards and you will have to spend money as well.

Building clan is the first key to gaining more experience. Once you can join a clan, do so. Get into a good one and wait for the two and a half hours set by Supercell to block any interaction within the group. When you overcome that temporary barrier, start asking others for letters and donating some of the ones you do not need.

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The trick to win gold and gems in Clash Royale is to be generous. The common cards give you some gold and gems, while the special ones do much better.

One of the novelties that have landed lately in the game of Clash Royale is that whatever they are the achievements. These give rewards in the form of experience points, a very common system but many gamers do not pay attention to it.

In this application, there are also achievements that you can unlock. Each of them gives you a series of XP that vary depending on the difficulty to get it. You do not need to pay special attention, but if you chase each one of them, you can get more experience faster in Clash Royale and you will be able to level up much faster.

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