The green grass we see on the football field makes us envy and think just how to plant grass seed on such a vast expanse of land and still keep it in perfect shape. One explanation would have to be the fact that professionals are involved in growing the grass. An operation that large would require a lot of money and football fields have managements who happens to have the resources and the means to have it.

There are concerns regarding the grass that is about to be used and should be dealt with. It is a part of the process of how to plant grass seed whether it is on a football field, the lawn or anywhere else. Familiarity of the grass is imperative and researching or asking an expert about it is imperative to achieve the perfect growth you want to achieve.

The first thing to consider is the adaptability of the grass seed that you are about to use. There are some areas where certain types of grass don’t grow and some may even die due to the temperature of the area or even the soil.

You should also consider how sturdy the grass is. A football field is always filled with action and the wear and tear will definitely damage it every single game or event happening on top of it. The grass to be chosen should be able to repair itself fast.
Determine how urgent the grass is needed. This is important since there are some grasses that take about 2 years to fully mature and be usable. One way to go around such a problem is having sods grown near the field and installed into the field if needed.

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Last is knowing if the grass seeds are suitable for the sport intended for it to be used in. The varieties of grasses have their own differences and not a single one is usable to all sorts of sports or events. There are a selection of grasses available for various establishments including fields.

The Planting Process

The first thing is to test the soil that you have in the field. A thorough analysis can be requested from testing centers. This can help you determine the extra steps that you can do to improve the soil in your area.

Prepare the site according to the right specifications that is according to standards or from instructions by professionals you have with you. Some football fields are required to undergo the same process of preparation in order to have a standardized field for the game of football.

The last step is the seeding. There are a lot of methods available for this step that you can choose from. Choose the one you feel confident with and of course fits your budget.

These steps can also be applied to your regular lawn or play area, only less tedious and the requirements depend on you alone.

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