A gun can last a lifetime or more, but if you allow the rust to accumulate, the natural enemy, it can make a hole in the metal the life of your gun can be shortened to only a few years. The weapon manufactures try to provide several finishes that are preventive against oxide, but they can only delay the onset of the rust when a gun is not cleaned or stored in a proper way. In this post, we will see the tips about how you can keep your gun clean and free of rust.

In the first place, disassemble the gun according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer. Look carefully through the lens for the parts that have rust. These are usually, but not always, metal surfaces that come into contact with exterior. In case there is doubt, you should assume that it has rust on it.

Set the other pieces aside and scrub rusted parts carefully with dishwashing detergent or a gun cleaning solvent which is easily available in a gun cleaning kit and a small toothbrush. Now rinse the gun completely and allow it to dry completely once all parts are spotless.

Apply a thin coat of gun oil to the pieces and rub it off. This should remove much of the oxide surface. Now softly rub the remaining rust patches with a small piece of finely graded steel wool sunken in gun oil. Stop every few minutes and wipe the gun with a rag to see the progress. The deep patches can take many hours of gentle rubbing, but do not be discouraged, or try to rush cleaning by rubbing it with too much force as this can damage metal surface. You have to continue until the rust is not seen with the lens.

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Clean the inside of the barrel if necessary with a small piece of steel wool immersed in the oil and bound by barrel with a drumstick. It’s enormously important that the crown or front of the barrel is not cracked or damaged in any way by forcing the rod through. Working from back to front is better and continue until no rust is seen when a light shines through the barrel.
Consider doing a bluish job on the gun if much of the target is gone. Otherwise, coat the pieces with a thin cover of oil and rub it on the metal. Reassemble the gun as instructed by the manufacturer and test it to make sure the gun works as it should.

Precautionary Steps

Always use common sense safety rules when you are working around the firearms.

Never wash parts of firearms in the dishwasher or on dishes used in cooking or eating for the reason that there are toxic salts that can be left behind.

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