Chairs are of late antiquity, and for many hundreds of years chairs were not simply an artifact for people to sit in while eating or reading, the chairs were an article of standing and dignity used only by the rich and the most powerful, and were not simply an object of ordinary use, so not all had the chairs. The most sophisticated ergonomic chairs today have had their antecedent in the history of the humanity.

Even today, the chair is used as an emblem of authority in many government buildings around the world and also in public meetings. In fact, it was not until the sixteenth century that they became a common object. Until popularized, most people sat on benches and stools. The number of chairs that have survived since early times is very small. That is why they are such a precious antique and are worth a lot of money whatever their status Chair Online Buy

The knowledge we have about antique chairs has been mostly collected from the monuments, sculptures and paintings. There are a few examples that exist in the British Museum, in the Egyptian and other few places in the world.

In the ancient Egypt, this piece of furniture seems to have played a very important role in the lives of powerful rulers who were of great wealth and splendor. Most of those that existed in the ancient Egypt were made of ebony and ivory or golden wood. These were covered with very expensive materials, sometimes even gems, and their supports and legs were made in the form of the strongest beasts of those times, mostly lions. Some legs were shaped like human figures of their captives. Of the few paintings we have left, they are truly a wonderful sight. The first monuments of Nineveh show a chair without back but with beautiful legs carved in the form of lion claws or bull hooves.

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Then we have the first Greek and Roman chairs. The oldest Greek chair we know goes back some 600 years before Christ and had backing. The Roman chairs were quite different, mostly they were made of marble and adorned with sphinxes. One of the most famous chairs of this style is the one found in the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. Unfortunately, the wooden sections of this chair are decaying quite a bit. The chair itself seems to be the work of a Byzantine from the sixth century, but this is not a verifiable fact. If you requires the best chairs for any purpose.

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