How do you measure physical pain? Better yet, how do you weaken its effects on you? One way of controlling pain is with TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This battery-operated machine helps your body to control pain by working with your nerves and brain.

TENS units work by tapping into your nervous system to help control muscular and joint pain experienced by your body. Sensors from the machine are attached to the part of your body where the pain is focused with sticky patches. The electrodes within these sticky patches transport electrical impulses to the nerve fibers below the skin with which they are in contact, and these impulses block the pain. This happens when the muscles contract and relax along with the pulses, causing your brain to release endorphins, natural chemicals that work to relieve pain, and cause other sensations.

TENS has made it possible for people to manage their pain without the use of prescription medication, which can have many negative side effects, or the potential to become habit-forming. Pain therapy in your doctor’s office could someday lead to the capability for patients to have TENS units in their own homes. As a mobile therapy, TENS can go with you anywhere, just like medication, and it has the added benefit of having much fewer side effects. Some users have reported skin irritation where the sticky patches are placed on the body, but there are alternative electrodes that may be less abrasive.

The potential applications of TENS are remarkably various. TENS patients have been able to get relief from back and neck pain, as well as discomfort caused by headaches, strained muscles, arthritis, sciatica, and TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction). This does not mean that it will work for everything, or that it should be used without the supervision of a certified physician. People who use a pacemaker or are pregnant should be particularly cautious.

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Under the oversight of a doctor or other medical professional, it is possible to get a TENS unit for yourself. With your prescription, you may even be eligible to have it covered by your insurance company. Go to your prescriber for any financial questions you might have: there are cost-effective options, like rental, available. Indeed, some people do not need them permanently and only use them for a short time. This is a considerable investment, especially if it is for medical equipment you will not use forever.

For those patients with permanent medical problems, they may stand to benefit from the best tens unit for years to come, even for the rest of their lives. If you are still unsure whether you want one on a permanent basis, you can also rent one for a month and see how you like it. Remember that TENS cannot cure illness or injury, but rather exists as an option for pain management without, or with limited use of, prescription medication; remember also that using it effectively means using it the way prescribed by your doctor.

1 – EMS Digital Muscle Stimulator

EMS is a device that delivers controlled electrical pulses to various groups of muscles to make them contract and expand as they would if they were being physically exercised. For this reason EMS has been used to simulate the effects of exercise but it is most commonly used to deal with muscular pain caused by either a sports injury or an illness. It is particularly useful for people who would be forced to be bedridden for a long time as it can help re-educate muscles and prevent muscle atrophy.

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A lot of people come across EMS in two situations, either through their doctor’s prescribing electrotherapy or in cosmetic instances where one is trying to enhance their muscle tone without overworking joints with exercise.

2 – EMS ProM-500 Muscle Stimulator

Everybody experiences pain once in a while. Some people like sportsmen need to learn to live with or manage pain. If you have tried all the conventional therapies to help you manage pain at a deeper level you should know how expensive treatment can get.  The ideal thing to do for anyone, especially sportsmen, is to pre-empt and prevent muscular pain. Doctors and Sports Therapists recognize the need to have treatment that reduces pain and keeps the muscles working even when they are unable to move at all. In conventional therapy, the affected problem areas undergo a lot of massage therapy but the nervous system which is the main carrier of pain impulses to the brain   remains unaffected. The ProM-500 Muscle Stimulator sends burst of electrical current to particular muscles through skin, tissue and nerve.

3 – Personal Care Plus™ Electronic Hand Stimulator & Massager (EMS)

No one likes to experience pain. The sensation of pain is something every person in the world wants to avoid. But despite of all precautions, pain cannot be avoided altogether. The reasons are varied. Some pain may be due to diseases, some may be the result to daily activities while some others may be due to strenuous exercise. Whatever the reason, pain needs to be cured for one to continue their daily activities well. In such cases, devices like the Personal Care Plus Electronic Hand Stimulator with Massager comes in handy being the best EMS unit. Such devices help ease the pain with the help of tiny pulses in the form of stimulations and also with massages of the required area.

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The electronic muscle stimulator combines the technology of stimulation along with a soothing effect. The stimulation just changes the way the pain is perceived so that the brain responds with a no pain signal. The heating electrodes present in the device help penetrate warmth at a certain area and cause a healing effect to occur. This two in one device serves as not only a pain reliever but is also able to provide a well-balanced massage to ease one from all kinds of stress.

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