SEO even in 2020 is offering several benefits to the businesses around the world. All what business owners need to do is to make sure that they are hiring the services from reliable professionals in the market. Do not compromise on the cost of SEO services as it will be beneficial for you in the end in every manner. One such name in Pakistan is Business Trends. They are offering different SEO packages in Pakistan. Continue reading to know how do they charge for SEO services.

Prominent ingredients the SEO quote:

Size of the website: A site having thousands of pages will demand more work as compared to a site having 10 pages

Your customized goals: Some sites need basic structural tasks while others have more results driven goals requiring more resources to SEO campaign

Your industry: Some of the industries are more competitive as compared to other making their keywords to be more competitive accordingly

Level of services: It depends if you are hiring the services for someone to manage your overall campaign while there are other models where you as a business owner order for a project fitting in to your detailed marketing plan

Why there are different SEO packages pricing models? If you will search for the SEO packages in Pakistan, you will see that there are more than one way of charging these SEO based services. There is no standard for these SEO campaigns however there are four types of pricing plans for these SEO services which are as follows:

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Hourly rates:When you hire these services for a certain project, then as a part of the overall marketing plan, it makes sense to hire these services on hourly SEO rates.

Project based:Here you will be paying fee for some particular tasks such as SEO audit.

Result based:Under this type of pricing model, you will get in to contract with the SE professionals for some targeted goal or objective in the search engine pages. You will not be paying anything until and unless the pre-decided goal has been achieved. Pricing is dynamic since some of the keyword goals are achieved easier than the others.

Monthly:This is one of the full service based package where you will be setting an ongoing partnership with the SEO team as compared to contracting any of the projects. Usually a customized SEO plan will be incorporating more than one SEO pricing model. This is why different packages are designed and shared. Considering your specific needs and requirements, you may select the one that you think will meet all your needs and requirements.

So we at Business Trends make sure that we justify whatever we charge of valuable clients. Other than SEO services, we offer other services as well such as wordpress hosting, website development in Pakistan, website maintenance and so many more. You may feel free to access our official site i.e. and see things in detail. You will be amused with the high quality services at reasonable price ranges.

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