There is always talk of the benefits of exercising and that is something we should all do. Nowadays and more with so many things that we see on the internet, it is simple that we fall into a sedentary life that keeps us glued to a sofa or chair and even that we just go out to the street to take to go to work, to take a class or to fulfill the responsibilities of everyday life. In this scenario, a treadmill is an ideal resource that helps us break that habit and acquire another one that will give us health and a good quality of life. Let’s see what benefits the treadmill exactly give us.

It makes us feel good and motivate us to overcome ourselves.

Exercise on treadmill releases three hormones in our body and one of them is dopamine, a hormone linked to the addictions that makes us experience a pleasant sensation after the exercise, and it is the one that makes us our body addicted to this substance and we impel to do more and more and also reduces the concentration of tobacco, drugs and sugar.

It gives us a sense of happiness.

The second hormone is called endorphins, the best known of all, it make us feel happy and in certain cases euphoric, and it reduces anxiety and stress. It is released just after finishing the exercise and is gradually loses. It also acts as the dopamine that motivates us to want more and get us another day on the treadmill.

It helps us sleep better.

The third is serotonin, a substance that influences our mood after exercise, gives us a feeling of calmness that makes us feel happier and it helps especially against depressive states. It is the one that makes us better reconcile sleep and eat better. Keep in mind that you have to exercise on a treadmill a few hours before the time you go to sleep, because first you feel with a tremendous amount of well-being and then your muscles relax, as the hormones will be lost and then is when you will notice the tiredness of the exercise that will help you sleep much better.

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