When you intend to play MyVegas Slots, there are three values to keep in mind which hare as follows

The red chips which are used to play the games.
The gold coins or Loyalty Points which are redeemed for prizes
The level points which are in the middle and start at level 1.

The idea is to play as much as possible to increase your experience points and Loyalty Points, especially the latter, in the shortest possible period of time.

The 3 Indicators Framed in Red

The first thing that will come out when you start to play is a roulette with which you will get your first red chips, with which we play the games. At first, you will only have available in the game Excalibur, however, as you go up in the levels you will gradually unblock the other games of slots and from a certain point the Black Jack.

When you have started playing in the Excalibur, the important thing is to know that every time you bet, you must pursue these three things;

Increase Your Level Points

The level points grow in a proportional manner to the number of red chips wagered, so the more you bet, the more level points you will get in the game. Also every time you raise a level, you get an X number of gold coins and the new games are unlocked.

Increase Your Loyalty Points

The golden coins go up ten times each time the sphere is filled to the left, and this sphere is gradually filling up according to the chips that we bet on and not in a proportional way. You might think that you bet a lot of chips, the ball is filled right away, but it is not like that, you could spend that betting up to 7000 chips and the ball will fill about a third, and upon betting 50,000, you will get the same result. So what can you do now? By browsing on the internet, you can find the tables with the optimal values to bet depending on the level you have and the game chosen. For example;

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Levels 1 to 5: 80 chip bets
Levels 6 to 29: 100 chip bets
Levels 30 to 57: 200 chip bets
Levels higher than 58: 1000 chip bets

These strategies are valid for slot games. For this reason, you can read in other forums or blogs that most people focus on the game of Black Jack betting a fixed amount. I prefer the slots for the reason that they take less time and can be working without having to be so sloppy..

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