The game of clash and clans is basically a power house of an app and the players of this game are also very hardcore. This game was released in the year 2012 and since then it has become one of the best games and mostly preferred by the players who love to play games online. The app of this game also has got a lot of popularity and it is also considered as one of the best game app among others.

In the year 2013 while developing this game and the making of studio and the super cell raked and got the revenue of around $829 million. The app is bringing in one day around $5.15 million. The idea of the game basically revolves around the fortifying of the base and defending it from other players and also from their clans. In order to gain the resources raiding the base of other players and the whole process will start again.

When you are about to build up the resources there is a training of troops which is very important and that will include because it will help you out in winning the raid when building the base. The young generation always wants to play such games which are really challenging for them and makes them do something which is really different.

That is why this game is very popular because in the game the players have to create the village, collect the gold and revenue to make it better and at the mean time they also have to protect their base from other players who want to destroy the village and also want to steal the gold and elixir. So there are different tasks and activities are involved at the same time.

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One another thing which has made this game more interesting for the players is that two player can play this game together and it will be a real challenge for them because they like to play such game which is really adventures and let them win the real revenue or currency which they can utilize somewhere to gain some more gold and elixir.

This is the whole challenge for the player so they will have complete idea and a guiding plan like where they have to construct the base of their village. The player has complete idea and it is more interesting for them because the player knows where to place the building for securing the gold and elixir and at the mean time how to attack the enemies.

So they will look for the right time to attack both of the base and steal the revenue and that is the challenge which makes this game more interesting and that is what has made this game popular. This game is very simple in the initial stage and as far as the player moves forward, it will be harder to accomplish the levels and that is the main adventure of this game. That is why there are players from all over the world who love to play this game and the ranking of this game has acceded a lot.

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