Was there anything left which was not featured in all the smartphones already introduced to the world? Well, probably not. After the Galaxy S8 Plus features being introduced one by one, people are getting more and more excited. No other company in the world could fit in all the people demand in one phone but Samsung does it again and is taking everyone’s breath away. Samsung launches its two new models; Galaxy S8 Edge and Galaxy S8 Plus. It is a known fact that plus models always have something extra to offer. Galaxy S8 Plus has all enhanced feature which people won’t mind spending a few extra upon. As a matter of fact it might not bother people at all to do pay a little extra for all their fulfilled demands at one place.

The Galaxy phones usually come out on time where they are sure of them fulfilling current demands of people. Latest most top demand of people was that the smartphone should have a big display screen. Samsung granted them their wish by giving them a big screen. The Galaxy S8 plus has a widespread screen. This screen covers almost the entire front body of the phone


The cameras of Galaxy phone are always the best. This model has the best 12MP camera which is the top most camera available in smart phones nowadays. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus also has enhanced camera features which make the picture much clearer and adds magic to them. The camera is not the only best feature. The two thing that can distort the camera have been prevented to effect it. Yes, The S8 Plus is made dust and water proof. Nothing can destroy the look of the body unless you drop it. It has not yet been made fall proof.

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The Galaxy S8 has the best design that anyone can drool over. Tired of the flat screens, everyone wanted something new. How can u get something already you are tired of in newest Galaxy model? No, it does not have a flat screen, screen is curved. This gave stylish new touch to phone. Dimensions of phone are so perfect that it falls on the perfect scale for a big screen phone. The phone is not only the accessory you are holding it is a style statement you will make because believe it or not this is the most stylish and good-looking phone Samsung has ever come up with.


Galaxy S8 Plus has a well-planned batter, keeping in mind S7 incidents. S8 Plus gives a battery time of one and a half day, how? Well it has it new battery-saving tactics which helps the battery to run longer. The charging will take up to one and a half hour but that’s doesn’t seem much if you have the option of wireless charging, does it? This again pulls you towards this new model and you just can’t help calling it, the best.

The design of Galaxy S8 Plus front is made in such a way that it is nearly bezel-less which means the screen covers most of the front body with no bezels.

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