Car wax applications do not hold for a long time. One needs to apply them after a gap of every 3-4 months. This maintains the paint and protects it from scratches. Before applying wax to the car, here are a few tips which need to be followed;

Get all the materials related to wax application namely sponge, clean cotton cloth, applicator and of course a good and reliable wax.

Get your car washed, cleaned and dried properly.

Purchase the wax which is non-abrasive in nature, this will protect the car paint.

Read the details and the instructions related to applying, as provided in the wax packet.

Get the car buffered before the application of the wax. This is generally beneficial in removing the small scratches and ensuring a smooth and uniform wax application.

Before you start out on the process completely, apply wax to a small area on the car and check the results. If you find the desired effect which pleases you, proceed further.

Technique of Car Waxing

As the car wax is available in the solution form, they tend to settle at the bottom of the container. It is therefore important to shake the bottle or the container so that the wax mixes well and forms a uniform solution. Start by putting a small amount of wax on the body of the car and then spread it uniformly. Since the car tends to be dirtier at the bottom hence it is advised to start from the top, finish the upper portion of the different panels of the car before starting with the lower part of the car. Use a separate cloth for applying towards the lower part.

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Applying just the right quantity of wax is essential for the right effect and great shine. If one applies lesser quantity of wax, it will not provide the correct amount of protection and will require more frequent applications. On the other hand applying large amounts and thick layer will only prove to be a wastage and the shine is not that great.

Car wax is meant for the protection of the paint of the car and hence should not be applied to the glass, metal and the rubber portion of the car. These parts can get spoilt form wax application.

Waxing should not be immediately followed by buffing. One should wait for 5-10 minutes before going for buffing after the waxing process is complete. This offers the best effects and the shiny look to the car.

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