Assume you’re leaving town for a family vacation. Perhaps you’re attending a friend’s wedding, taking a family vacation to the beach, or going on vacation with your friends. You decide to take your laptop since you’d want to watch movies, do some work, or play games during your free time. When you’re away from your home, a laptop may help you feel more at ease.

Oops! You realize you forgot to bring your laptop charger as you’re unloading in your hotel room. Your laptop is barely 10% charged, so you’ll have to make do without it for the duration of your vacation. That important email to the supervisor will have to be postponed.

But hold on! It does not have to be like this. You can recharge your pc or laptop without a regular laptop charger, believe it or not. It’s actually fairly simple, and if you’re a fellow twenty-first-century resident who feels forced into taking your computer with you wherever you go on the road, you must learn how to go about it.

Best Ways To Charge A Laptop Without The Charger

You can recharge your computer without a charger in a variety of ways. A power bank can be used. You could use a universal converter, car batteries, your smartphone, or a spare battery that you bring everywhere with you.

  • Power Banks

The majority of people favor this method since it is the simplest and most simple way to charge computers without using charges. Portable power supplies for your laptop are known as power banks. Simply plug your computer into the rechargeable battery, and it will automatically charge your laptop.

Power banks are available in a range of colors and shapes. As a result, they’re all created with different charging capacities. Power banks are usually capable of charging your phone’s battery either once or twice. This is particularly true when trying to charge a high-capacity laptop.

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Power banks must also be charged. When your battery bank is out of juice, you won’t be capable of charging your laptop with it. As a result, I recommend keeping your battery bank charged so that you may use it if you need to go out on the spur of the moment but your laptop isn’t charged.

However, make sure you select a power bank designed for laptops, as many on the market only provide 5V USB power, whereas laptops require a greater voltage than smartphones. Based on your device’s characteristics, a laptop would demand a high output voltage of 16V-20V.

  • Universal Adapters

If you have an older computer, the charger for it is likely to be outdated. What would you be doing if it malfunctioned? Fortunately, you may recharge your laptop with an adapter instead of the laptop charger. Universal converters are AC/DC connections that come with a variety of connector tips. These suggestions work for a variety of different brands. Luckily, you do not need to buy the entire collection to get a certain tip. If you need just one tip, you can purchase it individually.

Universal adapters work in the same way as the original charger for your laptop. You can use your computer while charging it with a portable charger. If you set your current too high, though, you risk harming your battery. Because the high voltage will cause your computer to overheat, leading to a damaged battery, I recommend that you use universal adapters with caution.

  • Use A Car Battery

If you spend too much time traveling, you’ll probably need to recharge your laptop when away from a power outlet. Without access to ordinary wall electricity plugs, most conventional chargers will not work. Fortunately, you can recharge your laptop using the battery from your car.

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The most frequent method of using your automobile battery to recharge your computer without a charger is to use a power inverter. Power converters can be easily plugged into the cigarette lighter adapter in your automobile. They can also be used to fuel items that require 300 watts of power capacity, which is more than enough for your laptop.

The disadvantage of this option is that you now have a large device on the floor of your automobile. Despite this flaw, this solution is still valuable because it is simple to implement. Another issue with this technique is that laptops do not have a constructed voltage regulator.

The majority of equipment designed for automotive use includes a built-in rectifier that changes the battery voltage properly. Laptops, on the other hand, are built to have their own AC adaptors that do all of the regulation, so recharging the car with your battery system can be a bit problematic.

Using an AC adapter to recharge your computer with your automobile battery is another option. On one side, you’ll need to attach a USB Type-A connector, while on the other, a USB Type-C connector. All that remains is for you to plug the power adapter into the laptop at this point.

  • Get An Extra Battery

Spare parts are available from laptop manufacturers. If you will be out of a source of power for your laptop, purchasing an extra battery is a simple method to ensure that you have enough power when you are away.

You could acquire an external rechargeable battery to charge your backup battery quickly. You may plug these extra battery chargers into the wall and use them to charge the laptop battery. You’ll be capable of charging your laptop and a spare battery at the same time with this device. Laptop manufacturers, on the other hand, have created external chargers that are particular to their models. If you opt to purchase an external charger, make sure it is suitable for your laptop.

  • Use Your Smartphone

In an emergency, this approach is normally utilized as a last resort. The majority of cell phones can be used as power banks to charge your laptop. For obvious reasons, your phone will not be capable of powering your laptop for an extended amount of time.

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Even if your battery runs out, you’ll definitely only be able to keep your laptop powered for thirty minutes. The cost for 30 mins of battery life is virtually a dead phone battery. While the benefits are temporary, it’s still a good option if you don’t have any other options and have to use the laptop right away. So, how will you go about employing this method? A USB Type-C cable is required. With this cord, you may connect your computer to your smartphone, then select the suitable option and finish.

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