The internet has taken over our lives as it is no longer limited to connecting smartphones only. Today multiple devices and gadgets in our homes need to be connected to the wifi to function properly. Hence, a wifi password is necessary to make sharing convenient for everyone.

What if I forget the wifi password?

It is human to forget passwords, so in that case, we are always looking for options; more likely searching for freebies. Besides, who wouldn’t like free access to the internet? The good news is that you can always connect to locked wifi without knowing the password. The bad news is that the rise of the internet means cybercrime is a very real thing and serious action can be taken against you for indulging in an unethical activity like hacking the password of locked wifi.

But I still want to know what these hacks are? 

Any illegal activity, even if it means connecting to locked wifi in the neighborhood without the owner’s consent is said to have consequences. However, if you still want to know what these hacks or tips are, read on to find out!

The WPS Hack      

Follow the steps to find out how this method works!

Requires physical access

All wifi devices come with a standard setup guide, which ensures instant connectivity to a secured network without needing the password. For the WPS hack, all you need is to have physical access to the wifi router as the connection requires you to physically enable the connection while you enter the PIN.  

Align smartphone and wifi router

First and foremost, check if the WPS option is enabled in the router. There are very few devices that have a physical button present on their menu. Sometimes this option is present, at other times, you need to access it via the settings menu and physically enable it. The steps are very simple; once the settings are aligned between your smartphone and the wifi router, you are good to go!

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Click on advance

Then go to the settings menu of your smartphone. Click on the advanced option which would lead to connect by WPS button. By pressing this, a dialogue box occurs, which informs the user that they can now connect to the wifi. All this action is supposed to be performed under a timer of 30 seconds. If your execution is successful, then you are connected to the wifi. If not, the timer runs out and you have to repeat the process.

Now wait

You can easily find the PIN which is located on the backside of the router. In this case, enter this number in the wifi settings of the smartphone. It is important to note that this hack may work only on android phones as Apple devices don’t support the WPS standard.

Router – Guest Mode

The router – guest mode is a hack which is exactly as the name suggests.

Set up a guest network

This method requires the user to set up a guest network on the router, which is accessible to guests and visitors, who can use the service with ease.

Enter a generic password

On your lists of wifi networks, you will see the guest network. As a guest, you can either add a blank password or enter a simple generic one and share it with everyone, so it’s easy for everyone to remember.

Enter the IP address and begin

On the backside of the router, you can easily find the IP address and open the page. This network is now ready for use.

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Wifi cheat tools

The Internet is filled with hacks and shortcuts, which makes it easy for various users to access any wifi network without worrying about passwords or accessibility.

What are these wifi cheat tools?

These wifi cheat tools are known as port scanner tools, which can easily be downloaded from the internet. Follow the steps to apply these cheat tools:

First, download the wifi cheat tool software from the internet. Scan to find out the IP address. Next, click on show ports to find out which port(s) allows you to hack the wifi. Then, copy and paste the IP address on the router page, opened on your desktop browser. Input admin for both user id. Now, go to the router page by pasting the IP address on your PC browser. Now, log into the account by using ‘admin’ as both username and password. You will be taken to the router page where you can uncheck the password field. This will eliminate the need to use the password to access the Wi-Fi. You can check it back after your need is over.

The QR code

QR code is also another way to hack a locked wifi network without asking the other person for access. The QR code is slightly more technical than the above-mentioned hacks because it involves decoding with a QR code generator. Scan the QR code with your built-in scanner. If you don’t have a scanner, you can download one from the play store or the apple store. You can translate this QR code to an NFC tag, which is performed with wifi key share app, which can be downloaded as well. Enter the SSID and the password and click on the NFC tab to look at its equivalent. Send the tag to your phone and you can easily connect to wifi without any hassle.

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While these hacks and shortcuts can easily connect you with any wifi router without you worrying about inquiring about the password, it is best to ask the owner of the wifi for a password. Though it simply seems harmless to connect to a wifi router without knowing the password or without informing the owner it is ethically wrong. As the world gets more connected to the internet, we need to find ways to make internet usage more meaningful and ethical. Hence, it is best to adopt morally correct practices. This is one way to control the rise of cybercrime and is increasingly becoming important to learn to create a safe digital space for everyone.

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