We always read stories where large online services have been the victims of a security breach, making them vulnerable to all their customers’ accounts, with the risk of being stolen, and with them all the personal information of each user.

This has happened with many popular services such as Evernote, Buffer, Adobe, cloud storage services such as Dropbox, etc. With this type of problems we are frequently forced to change our passwords immediately, so that nobody steals our data, but there are passwords so bad that do not need security breaches, as they alone put you at risk.

It is surprising how many people use very easy to decrypt passwords like ‘password’, ‘12345’, their ID number, or important dates like their birthday. This is always to be avoided and it is not difficult to have passwords that are safe and that you can remember, especially if you follow the advice we offer in this post and you will also be interested in this random secure password generator.

Don’t Use The Same Password Everywhere!

Obviously if you use a simple password to guess and also place it on all the services you use on the internet, your data will be in danger once someone guesses it. So you will need to create different passwords for all the services and the ideal thing for this is to create a formula that works just for you.

Create Your Own Password Formula

In order to remember all the passwords that you are going to create, it is important that you invent a completely unique formula that complies with three rules which are as follows;

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It is difficult to guess.
It has all kinds of characters.
You can relate it to something, so that it is easy to remember.

For all this to be possible, there are several things you can do, so let’s see what they are.

Don’t Use Personal Data!

It is very important that you avoid the use of data that anyone can discover just by looking at your Facebook profile. However, there are data that will still be personal and that you can use, but that are not in the public domain or that you consider uncommon. For example, if your favorite things are TV series, you can use the name of several programs you like to create passwords by mixing them with other data. As a result, you will get a unique word which is not listed anywhere else in the whole world. For the most reliable strong random password generator

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